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How to Draw a Rooster

By Kathybarbro @KathyBarbro
How to Draw a RoosterI’ve been trying to find a way to work roosters into an art class, and think this drawing in oil pastel will work well. The feathers look good with light sketchy lines and the red comb and waffle are easy to shade.1. Have students very lightly sketch a center line in both directions just to use as a guide. The outline of the head is drawn as shown.2. The beak is added to the flat side of the head.3. The comb is drawn on top.4. The waffle and other details are added. When complete, all the lines are traced with a thick black permanent marker.5. I colored my rooster with Portfolio® Oil Pastels, starting with a gold body, golden yellow beak and red comb and waffle. Sketchy lines were drawn on top with a medium brown pastel, and gray was added to the edge of the comb for shading. The background may be colored as desired.

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