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How to Draw a Lighthouse

By Kathybarbro @KathyBarbro
How to Draw a LighthouseMy goal with this drawing was to show students how curves could add a lot of dimension when trying to draw round shapes, such as this lighthouse.1. With a guideline drawn lightly down the center of a letter-size paper, students first drew the triangle top.2. The light section was centered under the top.3. The fence curve was drawn as shown.4. The lighthouse building was added below.5. To make the stripes, students drew a curve line in the middle of the lighthouse, and then another centered above and below.6. All other details were added, such as the grid lines on the light, the rays shining outward, and the sea and land below. The drawings were traced with a black Sharpie and colored in with colored pencil.Thanks to Cassius, a talented 2nd grader who very carefully drew this amazing picture today.

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