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How to Draw A Haunted House

By Kathybarbro @KathyBarbro
How to Draw A Haunted HouseI love all the creative possibilities of Halloween. You can have your students practice their architectural drawing while changing just a few elements to make their houses “spooky”.1. If you Google "haunted house paintings" you will get some really cool images to show your students. You could begin with a discussion of what the houses have in common: they are usually old, have lots of add-ons, have broken windows, and the sky is often looks like it is nightime.
2. Give each student a paper and pencil, and have them draw a house that fits the above description. I usually show them how they could draw a front entry, and then add on lots of sections with boarded up windows and crooked doors. The landscape also should be trees and bushes without many leaves on them.
3. After the drawing is complete, they need to trace all the lines with a thin black marker.
4. Lastly, the drawing is to be colored in with pencil crayons using lots of dark and dreary colors. Spooky!

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