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How to Draw a Giraffe

By Kathybarbro @KathyBarbro
How to Draw a Giraffe I tried out this giraffe drawing project today in my afterschool class. Just when I thought that maybe it was a bit too difficult for my youngest students, I turned around to see this amazing work of art by Lily G., a kindergartener. I can’t draw things this charming, but Lily sure can. 1. Students started with an 8.5" x 17" sheet of paper, and lightly sketched the two guide lines indicated in diagram 1.
2. An egg-shaped head was drawn.
3. A line for the front of the body was added below the head, going down to the toes.
4. A line with three curves was drawn across the bottom to form the legs.
5. The back of the body angled up to meet the middle of the paper, and then continued up to connect to the head.
6. Students added the ears, antlers, eyes and mouth.
7. Guide lines were erased, including the one dividing the head and neck.
8. A scarf was added, along with some giraffe spots. All lines were traced with a black Sharpie and the drawing was colored in with oil pastel.

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