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How to Draw a Floppy Ear Bunny

By Kathybarbro @KathyBarbro
How to Draw a Floppy Ear BunnyThis was very popular with my drawing class students a few weeks ago.
1. Students first folded and creased their paper in half in both directions to make guide lines that would help them scale their drawings. A circle was lightly sketched in the upper left corner as shown.2. A round corner rectangle was lightly sketched, overlapping the head.3. A pointier nose was added to the round head.4. The straight body lines were turned into a fuzzy edge line.5. Eyes and ears were added to the head.6. A nose, whiskers and tail were added as shown.7. Two left feet were drawn below the body.8. The remaining right foot was added, along with a horizon grass line. Finally all pencil lines were traced with a black marker and the drawing filled in with crayons.

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