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How to Do Cross Fit for Normal People.

By Marensmorsels @marentweets

So are you all getting it too?!?! Cross fit is like the newest-coolest thing since Nike came out with Air Jordans??

Yeah. I know. Me too.

how to do cross fit for normal people.

First lunch: a Sixteen Watermelon Cooler from Jamba. I’ve been dying to try the new fruit coolers. FYI Sooooooooo Gooooooooood!

Anyways, Cross Fit. The ex-athlete in me is chomping at the bit to try it. It’s the ‘yeah, I know I can push myself that far in workouts and survive’ kinda thing. I think every athlete has that ‘I <3 Pain’ a little bit in them. But I have to remind myself that my somach/digestive system will not survive so I definitely cannot do it.

I also (accidentally) discovered my local ‘box’ yesterday while looking at a possible new building for our work offices. It was hella intimidating and I’d never-never-ever-never go in there! Holy muscles and testosterone.


how to do cross fit for normal people.

So I decided I’d do my own Cross Fit, most days. This way I fulfill the craving.

I found a great app for only $1.99 that gives you a different cross-fit type workout every day. It requires no crazy equipment like ropes, bars, semi-tires, etc. Just you and a little space on your floor.


Go here for the details.


Today I went to the gym and did 45 minutes on the Cybex Elliptical for 500 calories burnt. Then I did my WOD… I think I’ll call them

M-wod (Maren’s Work Out toDay).

40 squat thrusts

this is basically a burpee without the jump up part at the end.

30 crunches

repeat x3

And here’s what I did:

  • round 1: 40 squat thrusts | 30 crunches
  • round 2: 20 squat thrusts | 30 oblique crunches on each side
  • round 3: 10 squat thrusts | 30 lower leg lift crunches (the ones where you lay on your hands and lift both legs together up and down.)

HAHAH. Yep, beastly! Please tell me… who can do 120 squat thrusts (which are really just burpees, let’s be honest… I always skip the jumping part anyways.)?!?!  Puh-leeze, that part had to be modified for us normal people.

how to do cross fit for normal people.

Lunch today is a Wendy’s BLT Cobb salad with no blue cheese and Italian vinaigrette dressing instead of avocado ranch.

Totally tasty and more healthy for me!

how to do cross fit for normal people.


Hasta la vista.

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