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How to Design Small Bathrooms

By Jakemontgomery @LTDOnlineStores

It is quite a challenging task to decorate small bathrooms. However, with the aid of some design choices, you can make even the smallest of bathrooms feel opulent. When you incorporate the correct elements into your small bathroom, then it will end up looking like a private spa. It is important to remember that small-sized bathrooms can quickly become overcrowded and cluttered by the use of wrong design choices and incorrect furnishings which break up the look of the room. Listed below are some options for designing small bathrooms.

1. Use Light Colors

A bathroom can appear larger and sophisticated when you use light wall colors or light-colored tiles. The bathroom will radiate a spa-like feeling when you use relaxing colors in pastels. Bright yellow can add light to the room and refresh you in the mornings, while softer shades of pale blue or green add a relaxing ambiance. Avoid using wallpaper with complex patterns as it tends to become more prominent, thereby making the bathroom appear even smaller.

An American bathroom of a freshly renovated ho...

Shining a little light on your small bathroom will make it look much larger (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

2. Use Glass Shower Doors

The appearance and size of a small bathroom can also be enhanced by the use of glass shower doors. A door or shower curtain will not allow you to see through to the other side, thereby breaking the room and making it appear smaller. This is not the case when you use glass shower doors. You may also opt for sliding glass shower doors instead of the hinged ones, so as to create that illusion of additional space.

English: Shower curtain rod and hooks in the M...

Shower curtains tend to be opaque, and make your bathroom appear a little more restrictive. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

3. Remove Shelves and Cupboards

Check the bathroom and see if there are any extra shelves or cupboards that can be removed. Removing them will definitely add that extra space to the bathroom and make it seem larger. You can reduce the clutter by opting to take out the linen closet from the bathroom. Setting up shelves in the corners makes best use of bathroom space which generally lies wasted.

Private bathroom (Thailand).

Removing shelves and cupboards should free up a little space on the walls. However, to avoid having a bathroom that looks like THIS, you may want to replace the shelves and cupboards with something aesthetically pleasing, like better wall tiles and a large mirror with a cool frame. A better vanity would be great, too. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

4. Install a Walk-in Shower

If you do not use the bathtub often, then you can get rid of it and opt for a walk-in shower. It will make your bathroom feel bigger and taking a shower is cleaner anyway. Multiple shower heads and bench seats are some types of walk-in shower designs. They offer a lavish look to the small bathroom. It may be noted that a bathtub decreases the amount of standing space or shower space when taking a shower. However, people who love their occasional bubble bath in the tub can look for other options to increase space in the bathroom.

This article was written by Benjamin Roussey, a freelance writer and weekend warrior who loves to DIY around his own home.

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