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How to Customize a Rental Bathroom

By Jakemontgomery @LTDOnlineStores

How to Customize a Rental BathroomAre you joining the masses who have already signed up at Airbnb? Maybe you’re thinking about renting out a room in your home? If so, you probably need to consider how to customize a rental bathroom to give it a fresh look or that vacation feeling. Adding some charm to your bathroom can make your guests stop and appreciate your rental which can translate into longer stays and better reviews.

The good news is customizing it doesn’t have to take long or kill your pocketbook. Here’s a few tips on how to do it on the fast and fairly cheap!

Update your Faucets – New faucets can make your bathroom feel like a hotel. Get rid of those old, plain looking faucets and replace them with something modern or unique.  A new faucet can make a great impression on a guest or renter. The style you choose should complement the overall style of your bathroom but at the same time be a stand out. A couple of my favorite faucets are the Mediterranean Sea Waterfall and the Japati Single-Lever Vessel faucet.

How to Customize a Rental Bathroom

Mediterranean Sea Waterfall Faucet Chrome

Popping on a new faucet like these can be done quickly and for less than $250!

Swapping out your shower fixture can do a lot to customize a rental bathroom too! The Salerna Silver Shower Panel makes a lasting impression on any shower. Sleek and slender, this little beauty showers you from above, horizontally, and includes massage and a handheld shower head as well. It’s look and feel just exude luxury and vacation! On sale you can get it for about $350. Say hello vacation and goodbye humdrum!

Kill the Lights – Well, don’t really get rid of them, just put in something fresh. You can easily customize a rental bathroom with new lighting. Lighting fixtures are fast and easy to replace and, even better, they are one of the least expensive fixtures to upgrade in your bathroom.  There are tons of options for bathroom lighting but one of my go to fixtures is the Maxwell 2 Light Vanity.  It’s simple and elegant design fits with a modern theme and can be mounted in the up or down position and best of all you can get it for about $150.

How to Customize a Rental Bathroom

Demilune Lighted

Move Out the Mirror -Out with the old and in with the new! Get rid of that mirror on the wall that doesn’t have any real frame to it. You can still get away with trim-less bathroom mirrors if you’re going to customize a rental bathroom that will be more modern in style, but a framed mirror makes a bolder statement. Some of them even include lighting. If you’re into the traditional look, A Demilune Lighted Mirror comes with overhead lights and gives you a softer touch to your bathroom while a 3 panel mirror can give you an illusion of additional height and sophistication.

When you want to customize a rental bathroom upgrading your fixtures is the quickest and cheapest way to go. New fixtures can leave an imprint on a guest and give them the feeling of luxury and relaxation. That’s just what you want when you’re renting out your home.

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