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How To Cope With Night Time Waking

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

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Night time waking is something that most toddlers and young children will go through at some point but the good news is that these patterns seem to be phases. Non the less it can became a battle to get your child to sleep right through the night and the sleep disruption can leave mums feeling drained and exhausted.

It is a problem I have personally faced with my 2,3 and 4 year old at some point and at the time it feels like this is never going to get better.

How To Cope With Night Time Waking

There can be many reasons why your child is waking during the night. You may have put them to bed too early, they be feeling unwell or they may wake from a dream that has scared them. Some children wake thirsty or even hungry.

If your child is over tired you may find that they wake during the night as when over tired their sleep may become more restless and they suffer more frequent night wakings. If you are passed the potty training stage then your child may wake to use the toilet.

Some children can wake and settle themselves back to sleep easily while others need some help.

Some children need more sleep than others and it may just be your child does not need much of what we do.

If your child is waking due to being thirsty ensure you leave a drink within easy reach

If they are afraid of the dark, then use a night light so if they do wake, they do not become frightened

The best way to help your child is to teach them from an early age to fall asleep alone, so if they do wake during the night, they are able to go back to sleep themselves.

You can limit the intake of fluids before bedtime if they frequently wake to have a wee

If they are waking on a regular pattern take a look at what bedtime routine you are using. Try to keep them up an extra 30 minutes and ensure they are calm before taking to bed.

If your child is still napping during the day, yet staying awake half of the night then maybe its time to knock daytime naps on the head.

 What Other Mums Say;

Angie Says; after 3 and a half years night time waking started in our house.  Its just become part of the norm with us , you just have to deal with it and sorry but its got to be said not every child sleeps through the night. It does not make you a bad parent because your child wakes up, as every child id different. What works for one child may not work for another, even siblings can be different.

Mikayla Says; Our eldest started night time waking, we stopped giving milk after year and gave water instead. He slowly got use to it then started sleeping through, as he wasn’t waking for milk comfort. Our 2nd wakes but not for milk, we still put her in our bed when she wakes as that’s the only thing that settles her, but usually she’s good at going straight back off so were not really missing much sleep so that’s good for us. She 16 months.

Suzanne Says; My boy used to sleep through the night from 2 weeks old and since he hit 2 he never sleeps through. I might get lucky and get 3 hours sleep but most weeks I survive on 30 mins sleep. I wish I had a new born again as at least they sleep more.

Sam Says; My little boy started this about a month ago,  he his 2. At first it was so easy to just let him sleep with us but then our nights become sleepless as we got elbowed etc! Eventually enough was enough as he started to cry as we put him to bed and wanted to sleep with mommy and daddy. I decided that night I would start not allowing him to get it bed with us.

The 1st night took 45 mins of crying, there was nothing wrong with him apart from he didn’t wanna be in his bed. I put him back  into his own bed and softly said its bed time good night and gave a kiss.

The 2nd night I just said it was bed time, then put him to bed, no cuddles and said nothing. Eventually he didn’t get out just shouted mommy. I’d leave it 10 mins then go in lay him down then added 5 mins on each time. The 2nd night he woke once put him back to bed an he went straight off hasn’t been getting up since.

Helen Says; When we moved house Isabelle started sleepwalking. She would get up come into our bedroom switch the lights on stand for a minute and then go back to bed. But sometimes she would walk throughout the house and switch all the lights on. Now she’s settled in it seems to be stopping.

Ashleigh Says; My eldest is 2 and goes to bed at 7 & wakes  at 7 o’clock in the morning, she used to wake once a night for a drop of milk, she turned two in November and she has started sleeping through the nights the past 2 months. My youngest daughter is 13 months old, she wakes once maybe twice a night I just give her a bottle and she goes straight back to sleep, I’m hoping she will grow out of it like my youngest did. I was advised by health visitor not to give them milk at night but I don’t see the problem if they go straight back to sleep and its a comfort to them.

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 How To Cope With Night Time Waking

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