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How to Clean Your Swarovski Crystals

By Wickedying @wickedying

We all aim to look amazing every day which means choosing from our best Swarovski. These crystals are delicate but you shouldn’t shy away from wearing them. You just need to know how to clean them, so they continue to sparkle time after time.

How to Clean Your Swarovski Crystals

Swarovski crystals are delicate. Knowing how to clean them gently and with the correct method is a top priority. Cleaning with harsh jewelry cleaners may be the first thing that comes to mind, but that can do more damage than good. You need to clean them with something gentle in order to preserve them instead of hurt them. Here are some tips on how to clean Swarovski crystals.

Baby Wipes

There are one thousand different uses for baby wipes, and I hardly think that’s an exaggeration. Whether you have kids or not, you should keep a package close by in the event you could use them to clean something, like Swarovski crystals.

Hold the baby wipe between your thumb and fingers, place the crystal inside, and roll it back and forth until it shines. Roll it gently, so you don’t harm it. The solution on the baby wipe should do the trick without you having to scrub.

Dish Detergent

Using a mild dish detergent, apply the soap directly to the crystal and use a soft-bristled brush to scrub the surface gently. Rinse the crystal with clean water and let it air dry. Examine it to make sure it came clean. If not, you can repeat the process.

Dish Soap and Rubbing Alcohol

Combine twenty milliliters of isopropyl alcohol with ten milliliters of mild dish soap and 187 milliliters of water. Allow your crystals to soak for one or two minutes, and then rinse them with water. If they’re not yet clean, you can repeat this process.


Believe it or not, you can clean your Swarovski crystals with toothpaste. Wet a soft toothbrush with a small amount of white toothpaste that is not a gel, and gently scrub the crystals. Rinse them under water, and if they’re still not sparkling, repeat.

Other Care Instructions

It shouldn’t become one of life’s priorities but if you properly care for your crystals, they shouldn’t need to be cleaned very often. In fact, you can keep it from getting dirty by storing it and wearing it properly. The surface of Swarovski crystals is easy to scratch, so take caution in handling them, and you will be in the clear.

You should hang your crystal necklaces and bracelets separately from all other jewelry items if you have a large case. If you have individual cases for each product, this protects them from damage as well. Lastly, try storing them in a silk jewelry pouch.

Oils from your skin as well as any chemicals you spray in your hair, on your body, or on your clothes can tarnish your jewelry over time, so take care to apply these products before you put your Swarovski crystals on. Wash your hands before handling them, and remember, they should be the last items on and the first items off.

There’s no reason to spend a fortune at the jewelry store getting your crystals cleaned. Try some of these at-home alternatives to keep them looking shiny and new before you head to the jeweler.

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