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How to Choose the Best Water Purifier for Your Family.

By Themommytale

Being a mother, I am always conscious of choices I make for my family, from buying the right product, cooking healthy food to providing them with a healthy lifestyle. We live in a pollution ridden and toxic environment that can lead to lot of health problems. And water being a huge part of our lives, it's important that our drinking water is safe for consumption.

How to choose the best Water Purifier for your family.

I personally feel water purifier is a safe alternative as compared to other purification methods. It filters excess salts microbes and impurities and retains all the other essential nutrients required for the human body. To ensure that our body get all the essential nutrients it is important to buy a good quality water purifier.
Recently we were looking to buy a water purifier for our house. As the market is loaded with options and so many choices it became difficult for us to choose the right one. After a month-long research and feedback from family and friends we decided on buying LG water purifier with stainless steel storage. It wasn't an easy task for us to decide on one out of so many.

Here on my post today I am sharing with you the reasons we need a good water purifier that provides purified water and features that makes it best.

Here are few factors to consider while buying a water purifier for your home.

Reasons why purified water is important.

Water is an essential ingredient for all life forms. Be it plants, humans or the entire ecosystems, water is a necessity for everything and everyone on earth. As we know human body is made of 60% water that's we need to fill it with purified water.

In quite a lot of places, drinking water is supplied from underground sources like well, springs and tube wells, rivers, ponds, tanks and lakes as well. All these sources of water are prone to germs, bacteria, viruses and other impurities that contaminates it.

All these sources are prone to germs, bacteria, virus and other impurities, resulting in contamination. So, an ideal water purifier is the one which treats most kinds of water conditions and impurities that can clean the water well for consumption.

Tips to buy a water purifier.

1)Source of water : One of the most important criteria to keep in mind is source of water. Whether it is municipal water, bore or any other source.
2)Storage capacity- Storage capacity and your family requirement is yet other factors that should be kept in mind. Its ideal to choose a water purifier that has an inbuilt storage and automatic power cut facility. It should also have a good storage capacity, depending on the size of your home and family members. This will help you to not waste your time manning water purifier to fill and dispense water.

3) Cost and your budget are also one key point to be kept in mind.

4)Annual maintenance cost- For the water purifier to function properly and dispense clean water always, regular maintenance of a water purifier is crucial. Aside from this you should also be able to control and monitor it without investing much time or effort.

5)Warranty & After sales service- While you are selecting a water purifier, do ensure that the respective brand offers a comprehensive warranty and excellent customer support.

Are you wondering which water purifier can give you all the above benefits?

Well, here is my review on one of the best and user-friendly water purifier by LG that we have been using for quite some time. The WW180EP water purifier from LG is a perfect choice for your home! It has all above features and more that are given below.

How to choose the best Water Purifier for your family.

So I choose LG water purifier from puricare range. I am sharing some of the key features that make this water purifier stand out from the others.

Key Features -

* 5 stage RO Filtration: This is one of its kind that I have seen first time ever I have seen a RO with 5 times RO Filtration. LG's Advance 5 level RO system not only ensures safe drinking water however it gives water free from dirt, bacteria, virus and heavy metals.

* Mineral Booster: Minerals are really important for water. LG's water purifier has a mineral booster that adds up 100 % minerals to water. This not only purifies water but also makes water tastier and healthier.

* Stainless Steel Tank: Above all this prurifier has dual protection airtight steel tank gives the best protection to stored water. It stops the growth of microbs and impurities. This stainless steel airtight tank has a capacity of 8 liters and this is much better than the plastic tank. LG's Stainless Steel water storage tanks have 94.4% less E.Coli growth in 24hrs as compared to plastic tanks.

* UV Protection: LG's water purifier firmly believes in ideology that there is no need of UV in the filtration stage. UV Cycle in LG True Water Purifiers runs during the Preservation stage. While the filtered water stored in Dual Protection Stainless Steel Tank™. Sterilization is again one point that is very unique feature in this LG' s Water purifier is LG's innovative Digital Sterilizing Care™ comes with most hygienic method to sterilize the entire water path, a unique sterilizing Kit that does not use any harmful chemicals.

* Display: In this water purifier you can find a clear indication of Filter change, UV filteration and water level in storage tank. As a result no need to wait till you gets foul smell or bad taste to change the filter. Its super convenient and enhances beauty too.

* One more water outlet: LG's water purifier has uniqueness with the 2-in-1 Care™ feature. This gives a secondary valve located on the side of the water purifier, This helps to wash vegetables, fruits and cloths etc. where ever clean water is required.

* Warranty and Service: LG offers 1 Year warranty with 3 services in a year. The service is really very nice and convenient.

The LG's Water Purifier is available online and on stores. Do check out the features and buying options click here

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