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How to Choose a Diamond

By Raymondleejewelers @raymondleejwlrs

1 carat engagement ring, 1ct engagement ring, engagement ring bocaMen – you may feel lost when it comes to jewelry, and we are here to help! You are ready to propose to your girlfriend, but how do you know how to choose a diamond? There are so many different looks and sizes, so which do you choose? Here is a little lesson in diamonds to help you out.

There are four characteristics that do into determining the value of a diamond, these are called the four C’s: Carat, Clarity, Color and Cut.

Carat: The mass of a diamond is determined by its carat weight. As the carat weight of a diamond increases, price increases. This is because larger diamonds are less common and therefore more desirable.

How to Choose a Diamond

Clarity: Clarity measures the defects found in a diamond, also known as inclusions. This could be anywhere from a miniscule crack to foreign material found in the diamond. Clarity is determined by the size, number, color, comparative location, orientation, and visibility of the inclusions in the diamond.

Color: A perfect diamond is free of any color, or hue that takes away from its appearance. A white diamond with a yellowish hue wouldn’t be worth as much as a colorless diamond. However “fancy” colored diamonds are graded differently, and a fancy yellow diamond would be considered rarer and therefore pricier than the average white diamond.

How to Choose a Diamond

Cut: Diamonds must be shaped and polished to earn the term “gem-worthy.” The work of a talented craftsman along with angles in which the diamond is cut determines the cut of the diamond. Many people get cut confused with shape, though. The most common shapes of diamonds are round, princess, marquise, and emerald.

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