How To Buy The Best Volleyball Shoes For Sport Enthusiasts

Posted on the 05 May 2020 by Zoey Fawell @Zoey_hioutside
Are you a volleyball enthusiast? If you want to find the best support accessories for yourself, check out the best volleyball shoes and how to choose them here.

Many sports lovers play volleyball all over the world. If you're a volleyball enthusiast and want to find yourself the best volleyball shoes for your coming seasons, you come to the right place.

Because volleyball players need to have high-quality shoes to achieve the highest performance and avoid fatigue and injury, you should buy something made specifically for a volleyball match, not soccer or basketball shoes.

Don't worry. We send you useful information and instructions so that you can buy the right shoes as well as the top list below.

Top 8 Best Volleyball Shoes 2020

How To Buy The Best Volleyball Shoes For Sport Enthusiasts

When you want to buy the best volleyball shoes, you should take a look at the Asics brand. One of their outstanding models is the Gel-Rocket 9.

How good is it?

First, the Trusstic technology in the center of the sole provides plenty of stability and support, as well as weight reduction. Reinforced heels keep the feet in place and complete foot-to-toe movements easily.

With NC-Rubber outsole, there's a high grip on the court due to the high content of natural rubber. Also, the sole offers excellent cushioning and foot support.

The gel-based cushioning contributes to high performance by absorbing shocks well. Besides, the open mesh upper keeps the feet dry and fresh.

Not only that, this breathable and seamless fabric and the perfect shoe fit helps prevent blistering and skin irritation for you.

Depending on the foot narrowness, you should choose shoes smaller than the type you usually use.

Overall, it's a great pair of volleyball shoes for beginners, and you can use them for training or entertaining games. If you are a competitive player, add custom soles and ankle braces.

How To Buy The Best Volleyball Shoes For Sport Enthusiasts

Here comes the Adidas Women's Ligra 6. What can you expect from this model of the most popular brand?

These shoes are specially made for indoor volleyball courts. The Adidas Ligra 6 features a stylish, breathable mesh upper with a synthetic leather finish for added stability.

Moreover, the ultra-lightweight EVA middle sole with padding provides maximum comfort and protects players from landing injuries. Along with that, the durable Adiwear outsole offers traction and durability while reinforcing holes for the sustainable lacing system.

Not to mention, the lace straps support your secure fit by embracing your feet tightly.

These shoes are a little heavy on the side, but once you get used to that, you don't notice it.

Beyond that, if you want a perfect fit and comfortable volleyball shoes to wear, let's bring this model home.

How To Buy The Best Volleyball Shoes For Sport Enthusiasts

This shoe brand from Japan becomes more popular among sports lovers. We want to introduce you to the Mizuno Women's Wave Lightning Z3.

With the classic style of low cut, these lightweight shoes help to jump high quickly while playing volleyball. It also contains a parallel wave plate that creates lateral stability for rapid side movements.

To provide optimal comfort for female players, Mizuno makes this model from 100% synthetic material with marked outsole, excellent arch support, and great grip. As a result, you can use it effectively both in practice and games for hitters and setters.

Note that these shoes are a bit small, you should buy a one-half size bigger.

All in all, if you want to buy affordable volleyball shoes that bring you high performance on the court, this model from Mizuno is an ideal choice.

How To Buy The Best Volleyball Shoes For Sport Enthusiasts

Another Adidas model is waiting for you. Let's explore the outstanding features of the Women's Crazyflight.

The upper mesh is reinforced with molded TPU thread to create stability without adding weight to the shoes. Also, there's an extremely fast response cushion called Boost that delivers incredible power. As a result, the more power you make, the more bouncing force you get to jump higher than your opponent.

What about the comfort of use?

These shoes are made with a cut in the middle to support the ankles. Not only that, the breathable mesh upper increases comfort while the integrated TPU fibers bring stability and wear resistance.

Adidas designs this model with Neoprene sock construction for optimal durability and mobility. Coupled with that, the top rubber grip outsole offers you excellent traction on all indoor surfaces.

These are high tops, so it takes some getting used to because it's hard to put them on.

Despite this, this product is ideal for volleyball practice and games. It will help you to have victories over opponents.

How To Buy The Best Volleyball Shoes For Sport Enthusiasts

If you have a tight budget, you should consider Women's Gel-Tactic 2 from Asics.

The GEL-Tactic 2 is the right choice for many volleyball players thanks to the excellent combination of advanced technology and high performance.

More specifically, a seamless upper mesh features a breathable fit, and an additional toe protector enhances durability. Besides, the shoes also include a cushioning system called Forefoot and Rearfoot GEL technology for maximum comfort.

Here's an exciting thing for you.

The Trusstic technology from Asics provides exceptional stability on the court by reducing the weight of the shoes while preserving structural integrity.

Finally, Asics uses seamless materials to avoid the potential for irritation and friction on your feet caused by stitches and seams.

However, the only complaint is that they smell like formaldehyde.

All in all, these shoes are great for quickly stopping and pivoting outdoors or indoors. It's time to go out there and shop for a pair of these shoes.

How To Buy The Best Volleyball Shoes For Sport Enthusiasts

Despite being a newly established shoe company, Under Armour brings customers many good quality products. For volleyball players, we recommend the Highlight Ace 2.0 model.

These lightweight and completely-knit volleyball shoes provide complete support and flexibility. The extended collar is super stretchy for easy on or off with excellent retention.

Furthermore, the locking lacing system increases stability and custom fit while the abrasion resistance of the TPU toe cap offers maximum protection and durability.

Another remarkable feature is the molded sock liner to form the shape of your foot. It also eliminates slipping and provides comfort underfoot. Not to mention, the full rubber herringbone traction provides awesome floor control.

Lastly, the Midsole Chargeed Cushioning absorbs the impact and transfers it into excellent responsiveness.

One thing to note is that it's hard for you to pull down these shoes over your heel.

It is said that this model is a perfect choice for someone who loves playing volleyball without a sore ankle. Don't even need ankle brace most of the time.

How To Buy The Best Volleyball Shoes For Sport Enthusiasts

Asics also make our next top model. The highlight of ASICS Men's Netburner Ballistic is its upper air mesh with reinforced synthetic material for better support and comfort. Besides, the Rearfoot and Forefoot GEL technology cushion system can reduce shocks in the impact and toe-off phases. It also helps you move easily and quickly from side to side.

What's more?

The Ortholite Sockliner effectively manages humidity with a removable sock liner. You also own Midsole FlyteFoam technology for extra bounce and good responses regardless of distance. That's thanks to the use of super-organic fibers to avoid packing out.

Last and not least, the NC rubber outsole contains more natural rubber content for enhanced traction on the court.

There's a slightly tight on the toes if you have a wider fit but not painful.

Lastly, these shoes definitely can be used for any indoor court sport on gym floors. Bring home ones now!

How To Buy The Best Volleyball Shoes For Sport Enthusiasts

Our last top pick is from Nike. The PG3 model wins many volleyball enthusiasts' hearts. How can it do that?

The PG3 is the signature shoes of superstar Paul George with thick rubber soles and a useful moon pattern for excellent multi-direction traction. So, even if your court gets dirt, you will stick to these shoes like glue.

For cushioning in the front foot, there's a partially unlocked zoom air to support good moving and jumping. At the same time, the midsole has a lightweight foam material for enhanced comfort.

And the best part?

Nike uses a transparent mesh material with a few porous parts to increase ventilation. You also have small locking wings at the top of the front foot to keep your feet safe and in place.

There's a complaint about the annoying squeaking noise from the inside of the shoes when walking.

If you want a pair of volleyball shoes from Nike with excellent performance, let's try these shoes on. They don't let you down.

Buying Guide Of The Best Volleyball Shoes

How To Buy The Best Volleyball Shoes For Sport Enthusiasts

Here are some things to keep in mind when you are looking for the best volleyball shoes.

Lightweight Design

You need light shoes that allow you to move quickly and reduce tired feet without losing stability and durability. Note that the weight of the footwear depends on many factors such as material, style, technology used, and brand.

The trick here is to look for materials like synthetic and mesh because of their lightweight and ventilation.

Shock Absorbability

You need to choose shoes with a superior cushioning system to provide support for your feet by absorbing shock well. When you play volleyball, a lot of movement like sudden stopping, jumping, running from side to side, and firm landing will hurt your feet and cause long gain time without a great support cushion.


In this sport, the important thing is perfect traction. The excellent traction helps you to move, jump, and land on the volleyball court without sliding, so you can avoid causing falls or injury to your feet. Additionally, your movement tends to go sideways, so this specially-designed traction can give you excellent control to win the game.

Stability And Breathability

This sports game needs shoes that can provide fast traverse speed with excellent stability if you don't want to lose the game. Besides, you need air mesh to ventilate, keeping your feet dry and pleasant while wearing these shoes in a long practice or court.

Best Volleyball Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

Do Volleyball Shoes Make A Difference?

How To Buy The Best Volleyball Shoes For Sport Enthusiasts

Yes, they do. Volleyball shoes need to be lightweight for players to move quickly on the field.

Besides, most of the sole of the volleyball shoe is made of rubber, providing the best traction on the smooth, shiny wooden floor. Finally, the cushion absorbs shock well to prevent fatigue and injury for the users.

Which Shoe Type Is Best For Volleyball?

You should choose shoes that have supportive arches and bring optimal comfort for a long time to help you play volleyball better.

The good alternatives to high-end volleyball shoes are basketball shoes for tight budgets thanks to their same features, such as lightweight, good grip, and cushion.

Can I Wear Running Shoes For Volleyball?

Yes, you can. However, you will encounter some restrictions as you can't move from side to side quickly and land as you wish due to inappropriate traction.

Let's Play Volleyball And Win The Game!

With our wide selection of products from reliable brands, you can easily choose a suitable pair of shoes. These shoes are all good quality models, but each has its own advantages of quality and price.

You should pay attention to some key factors. They are lightweight design, shock absorbability, traction, stability, and breathability.

So consider carefully buying new beautiful volleyball shoes that can help you in every volleyball competition. If you have questions, don't hesitate to share them here. We are willing to answer you.

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