Best Work Socks: Despite Appearances, Not All Socks Are Created Equal!

Posted on the 08 February 2020 by Zoey Fawell @Zoey_hioutside

As a dad, socks of any description are the default Christmas present, it's not an inspired or a desirable gift. This is especially true when there's a big difference between the best work socks and a standard pair.

Best Work Socks: Despite Appearances, Not All Socks Are Created Equal!

You may think that socks are just socks. But, there is a big difference in the quality and comfort of socks, they need to be designed for your type of work. This ensures you remain comfortable, warm, and even dry, throughout the day. There's nothing better for improving your morale!

Let's face it, you probably spend a lot of time considering which are the best work boots or shoes and then grab the first pair of socks you see. Chances are you'll be complaining about the lack of ventilation in your work shoes and how quickly the shoes are starting to smell.

However, what you may not have considered that it's not all about the work shoes, your socks play an important part in looking after your feet and reducing odors. The best work shoes in the world cannot keep your feet dry or comfortable if your socks are made of the wrong material or are too tight/loose. All these things can contribute to moisture build-up in your socks which will increase odors, reduce comfort, and even increase the risk of bacterial infection.

Its time you found out which are the best work socks and got yourself some!

The 8 Best Works Socks For Every Occasion

Check out these great socks and buy yourself some today. Your feet will thank you for choosing the best work socks on offer.

Best Work Socks: Despite Appearances, Not All Socks Are Created Equal!

These premium work socks come in white, gray, or black and are specifically designed to work with steel toe-capped boots. The socks themselves are not steel toe-capped. But, they are reinforced at the toes and the heel to ensure they can cope with the stress of being inside your work boots.

The socks are just 1% spandex, which means they have limited stretchability. However, they are more elastic than you may think and don't have any problem staying exactly where they should be all day.

These work socks are also exceptionally comfortable, thanks to the padding around the heels and toes. You'll also appreciate how well the cotton and nylon construction helps to prevent sweating and, therefore, keeps your feet dry.

These are not the best work socks if you work in a cold climate, they won't be able to keep your feet warm enough.

Best Work Socks: Despite Appearances, Not All Socks Are Created Equal!

This is actually one of the best sellers on Amazon because they're a great quality work sock and reasonably priced. You can get 6 pairs for less than $25.

Again, these socks are available in white, black, or gray. In fact, they're not just functional, they actually look good.

They are fully synthetic, machine washable and 11.5" high. That actually makes them a good choice to go with work boots. Of course, they don't have reinforced toes and heels, which means they may not be the best choice of work socks for steel toe-capped boots.

It's worth noting that they do have a reinforced sole with built-in cushioning. This will help to stop your feet from becoming tired during the day.

The works socks from Fruit of The Loom also have ventilation channels built into them, these prevent moisture and bacteria from building up, ensuring your feet stay dry and comfortable throughout the day.

Because these work socks are elastic you'll need to make sure you get exactly the right size. If you don't you may accidentally put a hole in them.

Best Work Socks: Despite Appearances, Not All Socks Are Created Equal!

These work socks from Dickies come in a huge array of sizes and colors, you can choose from black, white, charcoal, mixed denim, brown, hi-vis yellow/black, and even hi-vis orange/black. It may take you as long to choose the color as it has to find the best work socks!

These are 2% spandex, which gives them enough stretch to comfortably slot over your leg, without being too tight or constrictive. They can be washed in your machine and have arch support built-in. There are also ventilation channels to improve airflow around your foot. This reduces the chance of moisture building up.

Dickies have also added reinforcement around the heels and toes of your socks, making them a good choice for steel to-capped boots, as well as standard work shoes.

Best Work Socks: Despite Appearances, Not All Socks Are Created Equal!

These work socks are 50% wool and are designed to be worn in colder weather. They do a great job of keeping your feet warm in colder weather. As a bonus, the merino wool used in the production of these socks is known to be effective at preventing bacterial build-up. This will help to protect your feet from infection.

You may also be surprised to find that these socks are breathable, not enough that your feet will feel cold but they will be prevented from overheating.

They can be purchased in black, blue, brown, or green and are surprisingly soft. Fun Toes also assures purchasers that the socks are soft, not itchy.

Add into this a natural odor-fighting property and you've got one of the best work socks currently available.

The FunToes Merino best work socks are halfway between calf hire and crew cut, which means they may not be tall enough, depending on which work boots you prefer to wear.

Best Work Socks: Despite Appearances, Not All Socks Are Created Equal!

Fox River has an excellent reputation for making high-performance and durable socks. It's not surprising that they've produced one of the best work socks on the market.

These are made mainly from acrylic, allowing them to be soft and provide a great layer of insulation for your feet. They'll keep your feet warm in the harshest winter temperatures. Of course, it's likely your foot will overheat in hot weather.

The sock is reinforced at the heels and toes and contains spandex in key areas to help with compression to support your feet, specifically your arches. This means they stay adhered to the shape of your foot and offer the very best level of support.

These socks also use wick dry technology, this helps to keep your feet dry by removing moisture as it appears. Of course, these are well insulated and may struggle to remove all the moisture in the summer months.

Best Work Socks: Despite Appearances, Not All Socks Are Created Equal!

These socks are only available in black or white and shoe sizes 6-12. But, if they're in your size they may be the best work socks you ever buy. They have cushioned soles to ensure maximum support as you work. They also have a mesh material that gives maximum ventilation.

The mesh covers the arch-supporting section and the toes, this ensures a good flow of air. Combining the mesh with the moisture control fibers integrated into the sock means that your foot will stay dry and cool at all times. In short, you'll have no reason not to give your work everything.

The toe and heel section is reinforced, helping to ensure the sock will last for an extended period of time. But, they are also soft and extremely comfortable, this is aided by the cushioning at the heel, ankle, and toe.

As an added benefit the material construction of these socks means that they are very effective at eliminating foot odor before it becomes an issue.

Best Work Socks: Despite Appearances, Not All Socks Are Created Equal!

These work socks are made in the US out of 100% other fibers. They are rugged enough to cope with anything you throw at them, but comfortable, and will support your foot properly for the entire day.

They actually use a memory knit compression combined with spandex compression zones and a contoured rib top to give you a personalized fit, every time you put them on.

The Fox River steel-toe mid-calf boot work socks are designed with reinforcement around the toes and heels, making them perfect for wearing inside your steel to-capped work boots. They are very warm and will be a great asset in the winter.

You'll also appreciate the wick dry system that draws the moisture away from your feet and allows them to stay dry.

Best Work Socks: Despite Appearances, Not All Socks Are Created Equal!

You'll be spoilt for choice with these high-performance socks from Mirmaru. They come in a pack of 5 and 5 different colors, black, charcoal, olive, red, and blue.

The socks are designed for hiking and other outdoor activities. This makes them a great option as work socks. In fact, these aren't just one of the best work socks you can get, they are also great all-rounders.

The sole of the sock is reinforced with pile cushioning and high-density fibers, ensuring your foot is well supported and comfortable throughout the day. They are designed as a compression fit to provide additional support for every area of your foot.

This also ensures they stay in place, no matter what you're doing. What is surprising is that, despite being a fairly thick sock, it's surprisingly good at keeping your foot ventilated.

The socks are mid-calf level, allowing you to work comfortably in most work boots and it absorbs/removes most moisture

In the winter this will help to keep your feet warm but in the summer it isn't ventilated enough, your feet will sweat.

Your Ultimate Guide To Buying The Best Work Socks

Best Work Socks: Despite Appearances, Not All Socks Are Created Equal!

You can simply pick the best work socks for you based on their color or how they look/feel. But, socks are made differently and the best work socks are made for the work environment. In short, they'll be able to handle anything you throw at them.

Before you buy some new work socks it's time to take a look at this guide to buying the best work socks:

What Work Do You Do?

If you spend all day in the office you'll want to keep your feet warm and you probably don't need to worry about moisture-wicking. But, if you're on the construction site you're going to be facing all sorts of conditions, it's essential that you consider what type of work you do before choosing the right sock.

Have You Any Allergies?

Some of the warmest socks are made from wool. Unfortunately, a large proportion of people are allergic to wool. Consider if you have any allergies before you start looking at the best work socks.

If you're allergic to the material you're feet will not be comfortable!

Fit Of Sock

Best Work Socks: Despite Appearances, Not All Socks Are Created Equal!

A sock needs to be the right size and shape for your foot, while offering support, especially to your arch.

It's important to look at what support and cushioning each option offers, this will help you to find the best work socks, such as the ones on this list.

Reputation of Sock Manufacturer

A manufacturer with a good reputation is more likely to create a sock that is supportive, good at removing moisture, and durable.

But, even the best manufacturers get it wrong occasionally.

That's why you should check the manufacturer's reputation and look on social media sites to see how well the specific work socks actually perform.

Remember, it's almost impossible for every customer to be happy, but the majority should be. You can also tell a lot from how the unhappy customers are treated by the manufacturer/supplier.

Antimicrobial Work Socks

Moisture trapped with your feet will provide the optimal environment for bacteria to grow. As well as looking for work socks that keep your feet dry, you need to ensure they have an antimicrobial property, this will help to prevent bacterial infections from appearing on your feet.

They can be difficult to eradicate and will affect your ability to work properly.


The bottom line is that any of the socks on this best work socks list could be perfect for you. However, you should check the buying guide first, especially if you're allergic to any material.

It's also important to note that purchasing different work socks for winter and for summer is a good idea. You only have one pair of feet and you should look after them, they may not be as tough as you think they are. Grab some of the best work socks today and show your feet you care!

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