Best Running Shoes For Wide Feet 2020 – Reviews and Comparisons

Posted on the 11 February 2020 by Zoey Fawell @Zoey_hioutside

Running is a fantastic way to improve your cardiovascular health, lower the risk of age-related diseases, and even lose weight. But, the greatest thing about running is the fact that anyone can do it!

All you need is something to run in and a comfortable pair of running shoes. The trick to running injury free isn't just in stretching before and after you run, you also need to find the best running shoes for wide feet or your specific foot type and gait.

Best Running Shoes For Wide Feet 2020 – Reviews and Comparisons

The simple fact is that shoes shouldn't cause you pain, but many shoes on the market are designed for standard-sized feet. If your feet are wider than the standard you have wide feet. It's important to note there is nothing wrong with having wide feet, its simply something that some people have.

However, it's possible to develop wide feet by wearing shoes that don't fit you properly or if your arches start to fall, your foot will appear wider.

It's easy to tell if you have wide feet if you find that most shoes are too narrow for your foot comfortably, then you probably have wide feet. You can also measure your foot from below the little toe to below the big toe, this should represent the widest part of the foot. You can compare the measurement to online forums to establish if your foot is wide or not.

If it is, you need to choose one of these best running shoes for wide feet, you'll notice the difference when you run!

The 8 Best Running Shoes For Wide Feet 2020

There are plenty of great running shoes on the market but the following eight really stand out as the best running shoes for wide feet:

Best Running Shoes For Wide Feet 2020 – Reviews and Comparisons

These stylish looking running shoes come in a selection of colors, including grey/yellow, black and white, or pacific/black. They are entirely synthetic with a fresh foam midsole and no stitch lines to maximize comfort.

A mesh is incorporated into the shoe to ensure your foot is held firmly in place. But, the real secret for people with wide feet is the Fantom Fit technology which supports the mid part of your foot and locks it into place, without feeling too restrictive. The cushioned collar at the heel helps to hold this in place and there is enough room for the widest of toes to wriggle.

Best Running Shoes For Wide Feet 2020 – Reviews and Comparisons

The first thing you'll note, other than the distinctive Nike tick, is that there are Flywire cables that secure your foot into position. There are also notches in the tongue to facilitate putting them on and off, while the dynamic support system ensures the shoe remains stable and supportive throughout your run.

The top part of the shoe is covered with engineered mesh, this supports your foot and allows it to breathe properly.

You probably won't be surprised to find there's a huge range of colors to choose from, from traditional black and white to crimson red or photo blue.

Best of all is the fact that this shoe comes in a medium, wide, or extra wide fitting, ensuring you'll be comfortable no matter how wide your foot is.

Crash pads in the heel help to distribute the force of impact as your run, while the outer sole is made of hard carbon rubber with tiny air pockets, that's what gives the shoe its bounce.

Best Running Shoes For Wide Feet 2020 – Reviews and Comparisons

Mizuno is a well-respected company that has an array of different running shoes on the market. But, the Wave Rider 2& is particularly well suited to people with wide feet.

It has a rubber sole and engineered mesh upper, giving stability, support, and room to move. In addition, it has a low-top from arch and uses special technology to cushion your foot and return some of the energy used, helping you to run more efficiently.

The sock lining and inner cushioning means that your foot will feel snug and comfortable, while the extra arch support and 'fit in motion' upper ensures your foot has all the support it needs.

In fact, the midsole is made up of U4ic, a specially engineered material that is extremely light and shock absorbing.

Best Running Shoes For Wide Feet 2020 – Reviews and Comparisons

Select D for medium width and 'EE' for wide width. It may not be the most elaborate or eloquent sizing system but it does tell you Brooks is thinking about runners with wide feet. That only makes this one of the best running shoes for wide feet!

This shoe actually suits runners with wide feet and a medium to high arch. The BioMoGo DNA and DNA Loft cushioning are soft and effective, keeping your foot balanced, cushioned, and still providing enough feedback to improve your running abilities.

The upper is engineered mesh, providing strength to the shoe, support for your foot, and ventilation. You'll also discover the segmented crash pad that actually adapts to your running technique, giving you the best possible smoothness with every step.

The outer sole is carbon blown rubber, making it exceptionally durable, it will work well for short or long runs.

Best Running Shoes For Wide Feet 2020 – Reviews and Comparisons

Choosing the best running shoe for wide feet is especially difficult if you use it every day. A running shoe has to cope with a variety of terrains and running conditions, which means durability is essential and that's something that the Cohesion 11 does very well.

The outer sole is hardened rubber which is durable and protects your foot. The insole has a full-length foam piece that offers support and absorbs the impact of each foot strike. It also incorporates the REACT2U footbed which is memory foam that adapts to your foot, making it especially good if you have neutral arches.

The top is standard engineered mesh, durable and practical as it increases ventilation to your foot;

Best Running Shoes For Wide Feet 2020 – Reviews and Comparisons

Hoka first brought the Bondi out in 2011 and it has often be referred to as 'the clown shoe'. This is because it has an exceptionally large midsole. However, this was to provide comfort and support over long distances, and it's become a favorite with many runners.

The Bondi 4 is fabric with a Lycra Comfort Frame and a TPU heel counter to provide maximum support and distribution of impact. This running shoe also benefits from a meta-rocker that boosts your propulsion and increases stability as you run.

There is also an EVA midsole that provides additional support and a 10-degree heel bevel to help with the transition of your heel as you run. The rubber on the sole is also carefully placed to improve grip and durability.

Best Running Shoes For Wide Feet 2020 – Reviews and Comparisons

If you're after a shoe packed with technology then this is the only running shoe for you. The midsole is made with a dual-density silicone-based gel. You'll struggle to find a shoe that offers better shock absorption qualities. It's well balanced and responsive but also has a lot of grip.

This is thanks to the AHAR plus outer sole and strategically placed DuraSPonge Rubber. You'll also benefit from crash pads in the shoe to minimize any form of pronation.

The upper part of the shoe is engineered mesh, maximizing breathability and helping the shoe conform to the shape of your foot. In addition, there's an external heel counter and cushioned collar, boosting support and comfort.

Best Running Shoes For Wide Feet 2020 – Reviews and Comparisons

Adidas is one of the best-known manufacturers of shoes and with good reason. It's worth noting that this is one of the few shoes on the best running shoes for wide feet that doesn't actually have wide width shoes. However, the toe box is naturally wider, you'll find going up just half a size should give you an incredibly comfortable and supportive running shoe.

They use Adidas's Boost Technology which is thousands of TPU pellets molded into one sole, giving you the most comfortable ride, alongside excellent shock absorption.

The top part of the shoe uses a Primeknit fabric that ensures breathability and flexibility, it also incorporates TPU cages that make your feet feel like they are locked into position, in a good way!

Of course, these shoes look good enough that you could wear them every day if you wanted!

What Makes The Best Running Shoes For Wide Feet

Best Running Shoes For Wide Feet 2020 – Reviews and Comparisons

Getting the right running shoe is important, but it doesn't have to be difficult, simply follow this guide to get the best running shoes for wide feet:

Measure Your Feet

If you think you have wide feet then it's important to measure your feet and confirm this fact. You may find that you're feet aren't as wide as you think! But, more importantly, you'll know what width your feet are, this is important to understand which running shoes are going to fit you the best.

Choose Running Shoes Designed For Wide Feet

Having decided that you do have wide feet you need the best running shoes for wide feet. Don't be tempted by the styles or color schemes of other shoes, wearing shoes that don't fit properly will damage your feet and increase the risk of injury to other parts of your body.

Instead, focus on shoes designed for wide feet, you'll be able to find a pair that look good and feel great.

Consider The Reputation

Best Running Shoes For Wide Feet 2020 – Reviews and Comparisons

If you know the manufacturer then there's a good chance it has a well-established reputation for quality or performance.

However, even the best manufacturers make mistakes. That's why it's important to verify the quality and reputation of the specific running shoes you're considering.

Simply visit an online forum and social media sites. You'll quickly find people commenting on the shoes you're considering. You can verify with them how good they are in real-world scenarios. Just remember, there will always be some negative comments, as long as the majority are positive you're doing okay.

Check Your Budget

The final step to choosing the best running shoes for wide feet is to check your budget. No matter how much you love running it's a good idea to consider how much funds you have available.

This list shows you that you can purchase good-quality running shoes for a low price, there's no need to borrow money just to get your running shoes. Set your budget first and then look at the running shoes within your price range.


It doesn't matter whether you have wide feet or narrow feet, you need to find the right running shoes for your budget and your feet.

Fortunately, there is something to fit everyone, regardless of your budget or your preferred style.

Take a look at the buying guide, consider the running shoes on offer, and then select the best running shoes for wide feet. You won't be disappointed with the results!

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