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How to Build Client Trust and Loyalty as You Increase Sales

By Lindaluke @coachlindaluke


It seems like a lot of the webinars, seminars, and talks, I have attended lately have been very sales oriented.  I have walked away not sure I learned anything and feeling battered by the onslaught of selling.  My opinion is that these entrepreneurs are really missing the mark. (I know they lost me.)

The real key to selling success is building trust and relationships.  When people see real value in what you offer and know they can trust you, they will become loyal customers and refer their friends.  Everyone is happy.

You can have a profitable business and be the good guy (or gal).  Here are some of my tips for solution providers that offer products, webinars, or programs and want to sell from the heart:

Give Them a Taste – start with a free product that provides real solutions they are looking for and introduces them into your world.

Let Them Get to Know You – be approachable and available.  When they like and trust you, they will buy.

Make the Next Offer a No Brainer – keep the fee low and the benefits high. This will give them more of an opportunity to get to know you and value what you do.

Watch the Ratio between Content and Sales – Most people will disengage when they start to feel manipulated or pushed. (I know I do.)  Instead, focus on service and providing powerful solutions to their problems.  Potential clients will see you as an expert and want to learn more.  Add trust to that and they are already prepared to buy.  Keep the selling part of your presentation short and sweet compared to the content you present.  Your potential clients will appreciate it and respect you even more.

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