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How to Build a Successful Business! That Grows Completely on Its Own

Posted on the 10 September 2017 by David Mark @fastwaystoearn
This article will show you how to build a business that grows completely on its own. If ever struggle with fuse start and inconsistent progress, you are going to learn how to build a platform that actually grows on its own without you having to be there. And I think that is what we all want, we want a business that takes on a life on its own and starts to expand without too much effort.Build a Successful BusinessIf you stick and read through this article, and implement what you learn, I guarantee momentum in your business.First, let talk about The Biggest ProblemThe Two Biggest Problems Entrepreneurs Face Are:1. Lack Of ConsistencyNot Consistently doing the something that matter, you are bouncing back from one thing to another, or you are doing a lot of things for a short period of time then you stop, and you start over.2. Lack Of FocusYou are doing things consistently, but you don't focus on the things that matter.To say it another way:For every single person and for you as well, there are just a few things maybe 3 to 5 things the most, that is going to generate grows in your business, and when you focus on those things you will start to see a different result.False Starts And Limbo Land
False starts are the plague of every beginner and intermediate entrepreneur.You know how this goes, If you ever struggle with a false start.>Excitement>Progress>Second-Guessing>Start All OverFirst, you will get excited about something, you have a new project, you have a new business idea and you start working on it.You start making Progress. But then something comes up in your mind. You start Second-Guessing yourself and start doubting maybe you think there is other better idea, and then you start over from scratch.Or if you're in the middle stage of your business:>Focus>Progress>Distraction>Changing Direction>ResettingIf you're in the middle stage of your business and you focus on the thing you know better, you are not struggling with if the idea is good, you actually know what you need to do, then you start taking action and you make some progress. But then you get distracted.All this thing competing for your attention, you'll wear a lot of hat cap in your business. What happens is that you start changing direction and you end up resetting, And then you lose all your Progress.Unfortunately in Business There Are no Save PointThis Isn't Mario WorldUnlike Super Mario World, you don't get to save your game.How to Build a Successful Business! That Grows Completely on Its Own And constantly "resetting" means indefinitely starting over, wasting progress and energy over and over again.If you get to level 3 in Mario world and power goes out, you will have to reset your game from scratch.
Power going out is what happening over and over again for you.It's no wonder why most entrepreneurs give up. It completely demolishing, working hard month after month but then getting distracted or second guessing yourself and starting all over. Is because you are not seeing the result, you are not seeing the fruits of your effort, and that is not very motivating, it makes people want to give up, it makes people wonder if it's worth it.And I guarantee that if you have passion about something it's worth it, you just don't have the right structure and have it in place to help you stay focus.The Biggest Progress Killer Is Switching Inconsistency>Second Guessing saps your energy and dilutes your power, you are not sure of yourself and because of that you are not operating your full potential>And your Second Guessing and questioning things consistently, you are not really sure about what action to take and because of that, you are taking weak action that unfocused and that lead to Depressing results.When you do not focus how can you expect your action to really pay off.The Problem Is? You Never Reach Momentum.You never reach that stage where your business will grow on its own (And quite frankly, that sucks.) The SolutionFirst, you must be committed. You must know your purpose, you must commit yourself fully to this business you believe in.But commitment alone doesn't mean anything unless you're demonstrating that commitment day after day. If you think you are committed in your mind but you are not showing it and expressing that through action you're not really going to believe it in the first place.You need a practice that demonstrates that commitmentBecause of this..... You needMorning Momentum = Daily WinningWhat the morning Momentum practice is:It's a practice that helps you make a huge win right at the beginning of every day.>It ensures that you only focus on the few things that grow your businessMost importantly, it gives you focus and consistency so each progress from each day's build up to the last.The PracticeWhat the practice looks like:1. End of The:Define one key growth activity for next day2. First Thing In The Morning:One hour of uninterrupted work on that growth-related activity. It must be growth related activity, checking your email is not growth related.That's is. Simple and dangerously effective.Do not make the mistake of underestimating how powerful this is. Try it and find out.The key here is, you do it first thing in the morning for anything else. You don't check email, no facebook, no twitter, don't check your phone, do this first, then you can spend the rest of your day doing whatever you want.Qualifying GrowthYou must be ruthless about what qualifies as a growth activity. Things like.... I will give you some example for you in my business just to get an inspiration on what might be a growth activity for you.>Pitching a Partner on a Converting Webinar>Writing a Guest Post That Funnels into an Autoresponder>Build a Sales FunnelSplit Testing a Sale Page>Creating a Proposal to Speak at an Event.You Must Be Honest With Yourself (Watching Game of Thrones is not a growth activity, by the way.)The key here is that you have to be honest with yourself. Processing email, responding to customer support survey, doing your tasks, all this certain thing that you have to do are your growth activity.Bonus PointsBonus point for anything that is game-changing, levels up your status, or anything that scare the shit out of you. The best part is that this practice will train you to think bigger, deeper and more creatively than you have before.Game-ChangingThis practice is a game changer, but you must be bold and insanely dedicated. This doesn't work if you are not going to be dedicated and committed to following through on this.The truth, most people won't do this after reading this and that's why most businesses fail. But am guessing if you made it this far, you're not most people and you are willing to do what it takes, right?)You Can Do This.You have what it takes.Commit to doing this practice for 365 days and you will see your business completely transform over the next year.Lastly, if you think this article is helpful and valuable, share it with someone else that you think can benefit from it. and I sincerely hope you will put this into practice and if like this share with

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