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How to Avoid Travel Culture Shock?

By Livingthedreamrtw @livingdreamrtw

One of the things that many travelers around the globe can experience (and wanted it or not) is a cultural clash. It is a quite common thing than you think about it, especially because probably every one of us felt it in one level or another.

But to avoid the shock is not that hard! You just have to know a few pretty easy tips and prepare yourself for everything that might come in a faraway alien land. So, below, along with Travel Ticker, we are going to share some of the most useful tips you should really know.

Always do your homework

How to Avoid Travel Culture Shock?

There is no need to tell you that one of the easiest and the best ways how to prepare yourself for the vast waters of different cultures is to try and learn the most about it by doing various researches. This is especially relevant when you haven't booked a package deal and won't just be staying by a pool for the bigger part of your holiday, and won't be attending organized tours around the country as well. The basic info you should learn is usually the same wherever you go - the main religion, political situation, and a few words to help you break borders and make new friends.

Try to do something familiar

Also, if you try to do something you used to do back at home, you can also avoid cultural shock as well. Familiarity is the best thing ever to help you avoid pining for home. And it is not that hard to do that as well! Try to incorporate such small daily routine things you used to do at home like finding the ingredients for and making your favorite dish or a familiar food from home, listening to music in your native language, watching the international news channel, or finding a newspaper in your language too. Just try to get little ordinary things that will make you feel at home, and even the shortest trip abroad will be easier to survive without getting shocked.

Find a person who is local in a country

You can also try to find a person who is local in a country and befriend him! It will be a lot easier to adapt to new places for sure because you are going to have someone who can explain you thing you don't get it yet, and also show you some pretty cool places as well. Surviving another culture is ten times easier when you have a close person to guide you through new experiences and the little things that you need to know for getting on every day. So get online and try to find someone who can help you out here - you might find a person who's friendship you are going to cherish forever!

Forget about the stereotypes

We all know a few stereotypes about the country we are going to, and about the people there as well. But those bad images can actually increase your chances of getting a cultural shock, and they won't do any good business either! So - forget about all stereotypes you know and try to learn what the culture is like with your own eyes. Sticking to stereotypes won't help you to find out more about a new country and its people. Therefore, why bother yourself with information that is not true, and with information that might ruin your trip?

Pack your sense of humor

And finally, you should never forget to smile and always try to deal with various weird situations in a funny way. Stressing about just because something is moderately unknown someplace far away won't help you at all. It is million times better to relax and enjoy life - nothing bad will ever happen to a person, who is confident and enjoys living. So, while packing, don't forget to pack your sense of humor as well, and just laugh bad things into their eyes - you will see how easier is to deal with various unpleasant situations if you just smile and don't make that such a big deal out of it.

How to Avoid Travel Culture Shock?

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