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How To Add A Forum To Your Blogger Blog

Posted on the 19 September 2011 by Chillpete @geekmeblog
This post is to help you add a Forum onto your Blogger Blog. 
A Forum is one of the best ways to increase the traffic to your blog. If you look at the bottom of each of my posts you will see a link to my Forum. When a visitor views a post they can if they wish leave a comment or question in the there that can be answered by myself or someone else on the Forum.
I have used a plugin for my Forum and decided to go with who offer several different options on price including a free plugin if you are trying to keep costs to a minimum.
The first thing that I did was go to the Blogger Dashboard>Posting>Add A New Page. Then from there I added a page and called it Forum.
I then went to the website and signed up for my new Forum. I also edited the template on the website.
After I had completed the sign up procedure and edited my Forum I just copied the code from the website and pasted it into my Forum Page making sure that I had clicked the Edit HTML tab first.
To complete the process all you have to do is save the page, and that's it, done.
If you have any comments to make or would like help with anything on this post please visit our Forum and I will try my best to help

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