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How To - Achieve Natural Looking FAKE Lashes!

By Candyfairy

Fake Natural Looking Long & Full Lashes!
Some time ago whilst browsing beauty blogs and Youtube videos I stumbled across what I believe to be a prettyclever and skillful beauty trend.
Today I'd like to share it with you! :)
I actually filmed a video tutorial showingyou Step-By-Step on how to achievethis illusion. You can watch that below.

In general applying false lashes takesa bit of practice before getting the hang of it.The same goes for this method of application.Don't fell disheartened if at first you don't succeed.
Try try again! It will eventually become a fast and easy wayto achieve beautifully, envious lookinglashes without the cost of getting themprofessionally applied at a salon.
Step #1Most of us beauty lovers already own some kindof false lashes amongst our masses of stashes.So grab your pair of choice.Smaller sections of lashes may be easier toapply for beginners or you can cut yourfull Lash set into smaller sections and apply one at a time until you have achieved your desired look.
Step #2Here is the kicker!Instead of applying your fake lashes to the top of your naturallashes, you are actually going to apply them below.The same place where you would tight line your upperlash line. If you regularly do this, you will probablyfind this step much easier as you already have someexperience working with this delicate part of your eye.
Step #3Because you have applied the lashes below your naturallash line, there are no visible false lash line to be seen.Your lashes should appear fuller and longer.To fool everyone into thinking you were born with naturallong and full lashes, you could leave them just like that,or apply mascara and other eye makeup as usualand be on your way! :)
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Let me know if you have tried this before and any tips you have to share.
Thanks for reading/watching & have a beautiful weekend!See you all next week!

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