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How the Blended Family Can Work … as Decided by a 2, Almost 3, Year Old

By Yourfamilysurvivalcoach @shari_brewer

How the blended family can work … as decided by a 2, almost 3, year old

Baby Girl certainly adores her big brothers, and they send the lovin’ right back to her tenfold. I’m so proud of how my big boys have fallen madly in fun with their little sister and how that now she’s interactive, engaging and entertaining to boot, they certainly have a fabulous time with her. She’s a keeper, they’ve decided!

When they are here, that is.

You see, my boys are loved dearly by me and MOTH. Loved so very, very much that sometimes my heart may even burst when I think of them. They are my babies, who will always be my babies but who are now big boys, sighhhh. They are also equally loved by their father and his wife and I know that the 50% of their time, the days and nights, spent with their dad is time that they love and truly enjoy. Two families, two homes and they know that they are adored.

But, I really miss them when they are not here.

Bucketloads. And then even so much more.

And so does Baby Girl.

Each morning when they are away, she goes to check if they are hiding in their rooms or not and then she asks about them. “Oh no, my boys are not here Mummy, they be back tomorrow??” Oh, bless her!

At 2 and a bit, almost 3, Baby Girl can verbalise who her Daddy is, and that he is a farmer and that he lives with us. She also knows who the boys’ Dad is and that when we drop the boys off to him that they will stay there until they return home to us. She really does have a great understanding of the complex concept that it is and I suppose that having been born into this situation, it is all she has known. We make this arrangement work because is it what it is and there is no other option but for it to work. And of course our two gorgeous young men (yes, ok, I am biased) depend on it.

She’s a thinker though, our Baby Girl, because she reckons that she has this shared care, two house bizzo all sorted out. The conversation we had in the car the other morning was absolutely priceless and truly had us laughing ….

Big Boy: “I’ll see you on Monday Baby Girl”

Baby Girl: “Why?” (yes we are going through that stage)

Big Boy: “Because I’m not home this weekend”

Baby Girl: “Why? Are you going to your Dad’s?”

Big Boy: “Yes, I am”

Baby Girl: “Why?”

Me: “You remember that we need to share the boys”

Baby Girl: “I know, but Mummy, we can put one of them there, and then we can bring one home”

There you have it, done deal ….  shared custody arrangements as proposed by a 2 year old! Though she does love them both too much, and equally, to decide who would or could go where!

Full points for lateral thinking Baby Girl, well done …. but somehow …. I just don’t think it would work.

Cloning though … hey, now that could be an option


See you Monday guys xxx

Do you also manage your household arrangements around a blended family situation and what tips could you share for making it work ?

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