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How Stress Is Affecting Your Skin Tone

Posted on the 23 July 2014 by Health_news

How stress is affecting your skin tone

Skin is the major organ of the human body, and it comes with diverse colors. Skin tones are the different types of skin colors. These skin tones have an exterior layer of pigment which is called as melanin. Dark or brown skin has more melanin than people who have light or fair skin. Human color ranges in variety from the light, pinkish, brown, and dark brown. Skin pigmentation or melanin formation controls the ultra violet rays entering the skin. This ultraviolet ray controls the biochemical effects on skin. Actual skin color of different human beings is affected by many substances like UV radiations, fear, anger, physical exercise and stress.  It is also noticed that people tend to have lighter skin where ultra violet radiations are lesser, and people who stay near equator have concentrated ultraviolet radiations tend to have darker skin. Skin color fluctuates as per the region, cultures, social status, discriminations and backgrounds etc.

Stress is affecting your skin tone

Stress or anxiety is the reason which can cause skin problems or skin disorders. Stress can affect one’s skin tone. Under stress a person’s skin reacts differently and it turns pale or lighter and over stress can make skin lighter than normal. Also, anxiety can cause skin to turn red or pink around the head or face, as more blood flows in that direction. Stress does not cause any remarkable change in the skin tone, but some skin noticeably feels different. Fighting stress can give a person a balanced skin tone; if the skin tone is not balanced, the anxiety can result in a panic attack. The skin is affected by the release of hormones in the human body. The consequence of strain on the skin commences with adrenaline. The stressful situation re-directs the blood supply away from skin, and less blood supply results in less supply of oxygen to the skin. As the skin does not get the required supply of nourishment, it turns pale and dull. The dull skin tone, hence looses on its elasticity and moisture. The persistent stress at home or at workplace shows signs of skin breaking down as it stops producing regenerating cells. This causes longer time for fresh cells to reach the skin’s exterior.

To reduce the effects of stress and anxiety on skin, treat it with internal and external methods. Internal methods include drinking lots of water, eating fresh fruits and vegetables and be keen about your protein intake, etc. Reducing the intake of caffeine and increasing consumption of anti-oxidants can prove to be useful. External methods can be usage of any trusted cosmetic products which will reduce skin darkness and dullness, reduce wrinkles and increase elasticity. Wrinkle free injections available in the markets can be used to increase the level of collagen. These injections are without a needle, but these temporarily support collagen levels. Acne, cold sores, psoriasis, eczema are some of the outcomes of stress faced by the skin. Opt for a stress free vacation for your skin and it will help it to automatically repair and stay healthy or years to come.

Remember Lower Stress = Healthier You = Healthier Skin.

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