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How Signage Color Affects Customers

Posted on the 25 September 2013 by Marketingtango @marketingtango

Let’s say you have a hot new promotion coming up, and you want to create high-impact signage to promote it.

You work with a creative services professional to hone the most compelling message. You select the right placement for your signage to increase visibility. And you even consider your customer demographics when selecting typography.

But you are leaving money on the table if you’re not considering the psychology of color when designing signage.

According to Kiss Metrics, visual cues triggered by color choices can influence shoppers to spend more, recommend your brand, wait for a sale — or even walk way.

  • 93 percent of consumers say visual appeal is a primary purchase-driver, over sound, smell and texture
  • 85 percent of shoppers say color is one of the main reasons they choose to buy a particular brand
  • Color increases brand recognition by 80 percent

“It doesn’t really matter what your favorite color is, although you’re certainly more likely to be attracted to brand images using the colors you prefer most,” freelance lifestyle, fashion and tech writer Charli Radke blogged at The Huffington Post. “But it’s really the subconscious emotional response and how colors are used in conjunction with one another that determines how visually appealing an image is.”

Marketers who study the psychology of color say that red, orange, black and royal blue trigger impulse shoppers, while navy blue and teal shades target shoppers on a budget. Pale blue and pink attract traditional shoppers, Radke pointed out.

To put these theories into action, work with your creative services professional to make these signage options a part of your integrated marketing strategy:

  • Pop up a red-and-black point-of-purchase display promoting new inventory
  • Hang a navy banner advertising a buy-one-get-one-free deal
  • Dress your storefront window with a pink poster touting value-based product or service benefits

For more inspiration, read our companion post, “Fall for Color: How Pantone Trends Affect Your Brand,” and then ask your signage professional for additional guidance on selecting colors for your next poster, banner or tradeshow display.

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