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How Often Should My Toddler Have A Bath?

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

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How often should my toddler have a bath? was a question asked on my mums group a few days ago. I thought it a rather strange question to ask but it seemed the mom who requested support was worrying herself sick.

Due to personal circumstances she has a social worker and while chatting about parenting skills she was asked how often she bathed her toddler. The mom replied every 2nd or 3rd day as her little girl suffered from dry skin and the health visitor had suggested this. The social worker informed the mom that she must bath her toddler daily.

Now I am no expert in parenting, I mean I only have 6 kids so have ran a thousand baths yet I don’t bath my toddlers every night if I can get away with it.

Granted if they are dirty or have been outside digging up worms, or have their tea all over their faces then they are dunked, but I don’t set out to bath them nightly.

Kody 2 has very bad eczema and the bath water does irritate his skin despite using special shampoo and body wash.

It was a question that intrigued me so I asked my mommy friends how often they bathed their own toddlers;


Vicky; Mine are bathed every other day

Zoe; I bath my 2 every other day

Laura; Mine every night

Sarah; I bath mine every day cos he’s a dirt magnet

Holly; Every other day or it can dry there skin out

Zoe; Does it not dry their skin out bathing them everyday? I was told it does

Kelly; Katelynne is bathed every other day but she can go 2 to 3 days without a bath but has a flannel wash in between! She’s almost 5

Charlotte; I bath my lot every other day

Tiffany; Annie’s every other day unless she’s been extremely filthy or we have something on like a special occasion

Katy; 2-3 times a week unless needed, my son has a bath Sunday night, Tuesday night and Friday night

Sallie;  Every other day unless they’re filthy

Sammi; Once a year at Christmas. No, usually every 2 days, my bath is a huge 3 seater so it’s a ball ache to fill up and costs a bomb on hot water

Carol; I’ve always bathed my two every night, its part of our night time routine

Morag;  We bath every night but don’t always use soap as too drying on skin. A quick dip in water gets them just as clean

Eric; Once a week whether they need it or not! (Note, if they eat, then once a day).

Fiona; my daughter used to get bathed daily as was great playtime..

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How Often Should My Toddler Have A Bath? How Often Do You/Did You Bath Yours?

 How Often Should My Toddler Have A Bath?

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