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How NOT to Be a Grinch This Holiday Season

By Shauntee @shaunteebattie

How NOT to be a Grinch This Holiday SeasonFor some, the holidays bring out the best in people and for others it brings out the worst. Some people just don’t like the holidays for one reason or another.  The holidays are a time of celebration and joy but no matter how some may try they can’t seem to find any joy.  Some people are just plain mean for no reason and others have some other issue that’s hindering their life. So I have compiled a list of common reasons why some people hate the holidays along with some common solutions and the proper etiquette that should be used.

Lack of Family – I’m not from a huge family nor do I have aunts or cousins that I’m close with because my mom is an only child, but I do have friends that I consider family. So instead of celebrating what you don’t have, celebrate the people in your life who do add value and cherish them. If you do have family that you’re at odds with or maybe estranged from, be the bigger person and squash it. It doesn’t matter who was wrong or who was right, life is too short to be at odds with people and most of time it’s petty. If I had a dollar for each time I wanted to go upside my sister head I would have a closet full of Prada and Louis Vuitton. Learn the power of forgiveness, because sometimes you have to forgive people for yourself. Holding a grudge is not an easy task plus it horrible on the skin!

You’re Single – So what! Join the millions of other people who are single your case is not original and unique. If you’re not happy when you’re single you won’t be happy attached. Being single is no reason to be mean and bitter for the holidays. If you recently broke up with someone surround yourself with your friends and family. It makes no sense to sit around and worry about what someone else is doing especially if they’re not worried about you. If you want someone to kiss under the mistletoe get a puppy, not only will they
cherish you but you’ll be so busy cleaning up there mess you won’t have time to worry about someone else’s shit. Every year for the holidays I purchase myself something and have it gift wrapped. I place it under the tree and on Christmas I unwrap it. I call this my yearly accomplishment gift because if you don’t love and appreciate yourself no one else will.

You’re Cheap – Now I do understand that in these economic times money can be tight. It’s just plain wrong if every year your friends and family take great pride in giving you nice gifts and you run out to the dollar store and grab something to give them, especially if your ass got a good job. Now I do know what the true meaning of the holiday is and I do realize that some people really can’t afford it. If that’s the case, call your friends and family and suggest a grab bag and set a budget that you can afford. For years, my great grandmother gave me ivory soap and old towels wrapped in newspaper for the holidays. She was in her eighties and her mind was trapped in the 1940’s so she didn’t know any better but you should. It’s wrong to accept some luxurious gift and then give them a gift with $5.00 plastered all over it from Family Dollar. You will be visited by 3 ghost tonight!

You’re Just Plain Mean & Rude – If people take the time to send you holiday greetings at least have the common courtesy to respond and wish them the same. Rudeness is not cute and rudeness for no reason is just plain sad. Nobody has to take the time to wish anybody anything. Be grateful that you were in somebody’s thought process that day. One year during the holiday season, I worked for a company and the owner was just plain mean and rude for no reason. I was employed there for a little less than two years, one Thanksgiving  he refused to let anyone leave early despite the fact that some were traveling. The HR Dept encouraged us to email him and let him know how important the holidays were to us. Needless to say, everyone who e-mailed him received a write up for insubordination. Two weeks later the SEC came in shut the company down and froze all his assets. I ended up with unemployment that was about $75.00 less than what I brought home and a nice month vacation until I found another job. Last I heard the owner of the company lossed everything and was struggling to find employment. People don’t seem to realize that whatever you have can be taken at a blink of the eye. Be careful how you treat others and appreciate what you have!

I know for some, celebrating the holidays when you have had a rough year seems like a unimaginable task. In my opinion, the fact that you’re alive is enough to celebrate. Spend this holiday with the people who are closes too you, take the time to say Happy Holidays, Hit the egg nog with double the amount of liquor, dance naked on the table (well maybe not naked) smile more, laugh more, and love more. You’re a Mean One Mr. Grinch should not be your theme song for this year!

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