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How Julie & Julia Inspired The Blog (More)

Posted on the 30 May 2014 by Ikzidna @InspiredGround

 photo an_education_copy_zps457477e3.jpgOnce upon a time, a well-known writer and director adapted two true stories set in 1950s and 2000s, about the joy of cooking and dreams. I know Nora Ephron touched many people with her stories. I’m very much thankful that she made movies from heart. Funny thing is, the first Nora Ephron movie I watched, apart from other legendary comedy romance, like Sleepless in Seattle or You’ve Got Mail, is Julie & Julia (2009).

Julie & Julia is the first movie I reviewed in this blog. It was partly about someone who blogs about something she enjoy, and she gain success by it. It is the first movie that was made from a blog. I’ve read that Ephron herself was also a blogger.

Four years later (now), I barely have the energy to blog. I hardly find inspirations from movies (anymore). The response I got from most movies was, “It’s okay.” Or, “I’ve seen better.” Or, “Yeah, it’s good.” Not that I hate movies, I still love them. Aside from many movie references that made me have higher standard than before, I was caught up with life’s complexity. It’s a normal thing to be caught up with life sometimes, but it’s no good when you hardly feel like yourself. Just face it, without feeling alive and high spirited, we are just like robots doing daily activities.

At the same time, this blog is testing me. Aside from difficulties from myself, the server’s kind of fooling me. The statistics are low, and blogger friends seemed reluctant to comment. Something’s wrong. Either the content is boring, or it takes forever to open this little blog. I found out, that people take forever just to open this site. I did this and that to make it better, but I can’t update my wordpress version or even add a plug-in. Which is frustrating. Asking the server’s customer service didn’t help. It seems that this blog doesn’t want to change. It would take some time to change the blog’s theme (which I want to do), let alone the server. For a while I didn’t know what to do. I just remember back when I feel like I need to make a blog about movies. I let it go, and it kept popping in my head until I finally did it. I’m sure there’s a better solution than just quit.

And then there’s this magic quote that says, “If you feel like giving up, remember why you are doing it in the first place.” I always thought it’s a quote for else, but then I decided to apply it to understand why I blog in the first place.

 photo julia_bonapetit_zps2f6f5a7b.jpg

So what I did, was I watched An Education (2009) and Julie & Julia (2009). Aside from Up in The Air (2009) who I praised a lot in this blog, these two movies are the ones that triggered me to blog about movies. An Education, was pleasant. It was Carey Mulligan’s winning role, that made her recognized big time. But Julie & Julia was more than that.

It was based on two books; Julia Child’s My Life in France and Julie Powell’s memoir about her blog, documenting her attempt to try all of Julia Child’s French recipes in just one year. I was inspired four years ago, and I am now inspired again (it worked!).

 photo julia5_zps1520b4f3.jpg

Julie & Julia showed if you want to write, you don’t have to be something big. Or, wait someone to publish your book. You can just create a blog. Create a content you’d like to write and passionate about. All goes from there. It borderlines that the point of blogging is a getaway from your routinity, as Julie does from her daily job.

I caught the feeling of anything is possible, if you follow your joy and work hard for your dreams (as cliche as it sounds). Every obstacle sometimes appear because you let it. I saw it on Julie Powell in the movie and I saw her overcome the problems from herself or other people. Either way, you can always give up, but you can also keep walking with your standards.

But the real role model is Julia Child, who keep positive, have a loving relationship with her husband and never compromised with her dreams. Her relationship with her husband itself is another inspiration, to keep loving your partner even years after married. Her pure friendship out of pen pals itself is another pleasant thing to see in this movie.

 photo julia1_zpsae32c8ee.jpg

The cooking, however, is another thing that inspired me. Cooking is another joy that I found lately, since I have my own kitchen and have freedom to process cooking materials. It’s another boost when your husband compliments your cooking (that’s me!
) And I recently discover that it’s not just about skills, but also creativity. To cook something ordinary to be extraordinary. I love Julie & Julia more for showing it.

Like me, apparently there’s many people who are inspired by the movie, like this guy and my friend who wants to learn to cook after seeing the movie, and made a blog as well. I think there’s more people who were inspired by the movie, if not for blogging, it’s cooking.

As for this blog, I would be lying if I say I didn’t wanted more. I have many expectations, but looks like I have other things on the map that needs to be taken care of. In the mean time, I hope all the movies I recommended really helped people to find inspirations. As for the blog’s technique difficulties, I am this close to hire someone to clean up the mess, or just move to another free wordpress account.

So that’s my honest babbling now. See you to another post

I’ll be making some more changes soon.

Thanks for reading!


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