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How Far Will They Go?

By Bren @Virtual_Bren

It’s another night of The Bachelor! Last weeks episode left me really wondering

How Far Will They Really Go For Love?

Attractive couple portrait.
I mean, these women (and mind you, I don’t mean no harm) but they are desperate! Has it really gotten this bad that we need to go on National TV with over two dozen women and fight for one man’s affection?

I know it’s hard to find a good man out there. Trust me. I’ve been there. I didn’t get married until I was 36. I met my hubs at 35. How did I meet him?

Online! Yes, back in the day when there was Yahoo Personals, is where I met my hubs. So yes, online dating CAN work (as long as your honest). I met a few really nice men online and a few total asshat, lying, jerk offs. Again, be HONEST!.

But online dating is by far NOT like going on tv fighting over one man. Can you really imagine the extent of that ONE man’s ego? Seriously?

And who really wants sloppy seconds, thirds, or twenty-thirds on the kisses? Ewwww!!! Really?

It simply amazes me because the majority of the women that are on there are, in deed, fairly attractive. However, usually within the first couple shows you can see the “weirdness” come out. You know, all their little quirks, triggers, oddities begin to show and you kind of understand why they are single.

Imo, I believe most these women chicks bimbettes go on there for publicity. You know, trying to further their career, get air time, wanna be “models” or “actresses”. What better way? A lot of the previous ones have gone on to other things.

But would you go on National TV and embarrass yourself? Flaunt all over some guy? Get drunk off your arse? Kiss a dude after he just had his tongue down some other chick’s throat?

I just don’t get it? Do you?

So I ask you. My loyal readers (mostly women)………..

How Far Would YOU Go For Love?

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