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How Far Can $25 Go??

By Marensmorsels @marentweets

Happy Thursday morning!!!

It’s almost the weekend. So… I have some big BIG BIG news coming up tomorrow. I can’t hardly contain myself.

Would you all like to meet Don Pedro? He’s the new man in my life. He lives with me and we talk for hours. What a great listener. He likes romantic comedies, long walks on the beach, and especially the color purple.

Still wanna meet him??


He’s my new pet!!


Isn’t he super cute. First I wanted to name him Romeo but it just didn’t seem right.


This is his apartment. I rent to him for very cheap.


In fact I’m quite a push over and will wave rent if he flicks his tail at me. I need to work on my managerial skills.

Swanson Health Products

The great guys at Swanson Vitamins contacted me about reviewing their website and products. Boy did I jump at the chance. Free food and a challenge go stretch a few dollars all at once and I’m there like Cher.

Basically they told me they would give me $20 dollars to buy things from their website and if I “liked” them on Facebook I’d receive a $5 free shipping coupon. Here is what I got for my $25 dollars.


Holy Toledo! I found so much stuff. I couldn’t go to Whole Foods and get the exact same stuff for less. I mean chia seeds alone are usually ~$12. I got my huge bag for $7. Plus they had a bunch of really unique products like the rare buckwheat honey! I can’t wait to try it on toast.

I’ll let y’all get a close up of my loot!



I’m eating the Mrs. May’s granola clusters like crazy, they’re so tasty. Don Pedro and I munched a handful while photographing this post.



The really cool thing is that they have such a large food inventory. I was expecting a lot of vitamins and supplements. They do have a massive selection of those too and I’d check for the stuff you take because it is probably cheaper than what your paying now. But their food is simply off the chain. Yes I made it all Ice Cube there for a minute but that’s how cool it is.

I haven’t tried everything I ordered yet but everything I have tried has been well worth my $25 dollars.

I was so happy with my Swanson experience I checked them out first when looking for vegan protein powder. Mhmm! We’re together like lemonade and iced tea, me and Swanson.

I’ll see ya guys later for my big reveal tomorrow!!!

tell me about you!!! I want to know…

would you buy your vitamins/supplements online if they were cheaper?
Definitely yes!!! I hate spending so much money on stuff like that.

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