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How Do I Stop My Child Being Naughty? – A Distressed Mum Asks

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

ID 10051889 How Do I Stop My Child Being Naughty? – A Distressed Mum Asks

How Do I Stop My Child Being Naughty – A Distressed Mum Asks

I really need your help; my almost 6 year old is off the rails. We have always had a few problems with him. My health visitor has suspected ADHD all the assessments were in place BUT the school did not agree and would not agree to provide their own assessment so we stopped all further assessments.

It has been living hell tonight he has given his dad a black eye, attacked his sister and brother and also me. He got a knife out of the kitchen draw and was going to attack his dad. My neighbour (who is thankfully a friend) had to come and lend a hand. She’s trained in restraining difficult children etc. (works with special need children).

His school is saying that they cannot get him to sit still and he has no concentration. He starts year 1 in September and I am terrified. It just isn’t normal, he never switches off. When he is angry there is nothing you can do to stop him, I become scared of my son. We have tried everything and I am at my whit’s end.

He takes everything in, he shocked my friend as he completely resisted the hole conversation she had with someone about gates.  He also he has speech problems but when my neighbour was downstairs  she could hear clear as day  and understand what he was saying in anger, but face to face it’s a  struggle to understand him sometimes.

I am a distressed mother who desperately needs some advice so I have asked Emma to post this onto the blog in the hope that someone can help advise me.

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