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How Did You Feel Watching Michael J. Fox's Show Last Night?

Posted on the 27 September 2013 by Kristy47 @watchingwaytoomuch

How Did You Feel Watching Michael J. Fox's Show Last Night? The answer to Thursday's Trivia QuestionRebecca Romaijn Stamos O'Connell was the actress in all of those shows mentioned: FIRST FIVES:  Mike O'Dea, Megan Quirk, Jim Carter, Kathy Connelly, & Elke Raskob Honorable Mention: Francesca Sullivan
Wednesday's Broadcast Top 5 Modern Family-ABC 4.1/11.4
Criminal Minds-CBS 2.8/11.2
Law & Order SVU-NBC 2.7/9.5
The X Factor-FOX 2.5/7.6
The Middle-ABC 2.4/8.7

Wednesday's Broadcast Trendrr Top 5 X Factor-FOX 317,724

Law & Order SVU-NBC 110,429
Modern Family-ABC 110,429
Criminal Minds-CBS 88,324
Revolution-NBC 63,421 Wednesday's Cable Top 5 South Park-Comedy Central 1.8/2.8
Big Bang Theory-TBS 1.3/3.0
Duck Dynasty-A&E 1.1/3.1
Challenge: Rivals-MTV 1.0/1.6
Key & Peele-Comedy Central 1.0/1.7
Wednesday's Cable Trendrr Top 5 MLB Baseball-ESPN 84,597
South Park-Comedy Central 82,973
The Challenge-MTV 50,570
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia-FXX 31,280
The League-FXX 29,954
Parks and Recreation
Parks and Rec got the ball rolling right away last night. In the first 4 minutes of the Season Premiere, Ron found out that Zena the Warrior princess was preggers, proposed and got married right upstairs in town hall. Ethel Beavers (best name ever) was at her desk to fill out the paperwork, April and Leslie were there as witnesses and Matron of honor and booom...Ron Swanson's married and expecting! Also expecting is Ann Perkins and Chris Traeger. Problem was that nobody seemed to care...except Leslie, but she was away in fake London to accept some award that April nominated her for. Heidi Klum was in fake London to accept the same award and make Leslie jealous. Heidi's hometown of Zuckerberg (It's in Denmark) loves and adores her. They even made a cheese statue of her. Who wouldn't love Heidi Klum, she was breathtakingly beautiful and super skinny in her Facebook blue skin tight dress. Leslie got pissed off that Pawnee hates her so much and spewed her feelings out during her acceptance speech. Of course Ron was there to set her straight. To repay him for his awesomeness, Leslie sent him to a remote part of Scotland where they make Scotch. Finally the guy found something he loved about fake Europe.  While they were in fake London, Andy and Ben had a fundraising meeting with Lord Covington, some British aristocrat or something, who became enamored with Andy. Chris Pratt had to lose a bunch of weight for a movie role which his character attributed to the elimination of beer from his diet. Along with the 50 lbs he lost, I think he lost some of his funny.  His shtick is just funnier when he's fatter don't you think? ARTHUR FONZARELLI ALERT!  Back at home in Pawnee, where Henry Winkler made an appearance as Chris and Ann's OBGYN who also happens to be John Raffio's Dad.  Did I know and forget that John Raffio's last name is Silverstein? No idea he and his sister were Jewish. Anyway, Fonzie opened up a competitor to Rent A Swag called Tommy's Closet and was putting Tom out of business.  Fine by me, I'm ready for Rent A Swag to be over anyway. On a completely random note, I'm feeling pretty good about the dress I bought at Saks for my friends Bar Mitzvah since April wore the same one (in black, mine's in blue) to Leslie's award banquet. I wasn't sure it was appropriate, but now I'm fine with my decision. Funny right? Even my son screamed out..."Mom, that's your dress!!!"
Michael J. Fox Show I had seen the Michael J. Fox pilot a few times and was really worried for a few reasons. We all love him so much, that we really want to love his new show. Everyone loves a comeback and we all want him to have success. I was also worried because after the first episode, I was nervous that it would be all Parkinsons jokes all the time. I watched the 2nd episode last night with my fingers crossed that the show would be funny without the Parkinsons and that MJF would have a huge hit on his hands. I don't think it's happening this time and you have no idea how guilty I feel typing this. Take MFJ away, take the Parkinsons away and the show isn't funny enough. Maybe it should be a drama instead? I don't know. Last night's second ep had Mrs. J. Fox, Tracy Pollan, playing the sexy neighbor upstairs who seemed to not notice the Parkinsons at all and have a crush on Mike. I don' think I laughed at all.  There was also some silly background music playing that was distracting me a bit more than Mike's Parkinsons.  I really really want to love this show and I really really want MJF back, but the script needs to be funnier or smarter or something and so far, I'm not giving it the Season Pass. 
I really wasn't feeling Gleeky last night. I knew it was Beatles week. Actually, next week is also Beatles week, but I just wasn't feeling it.  I don't really care about Rachel in Funny Girl in NYC at all anymore. (Although Peter Facinelli and the guy from Ringer are now the producers). I was waiting for how they were going to deal with Cory Monteith's death and they didn't deal with it at all in this episode, so maybe I misunderstood.  Curt and Blaine decided to get back together, but I could only concentrate on Blaine's bow tie and how it was staying attached to his golf shirt and Kurt's scarf thing that he was sporting with his purple shirt and camouflage skinny jeans. Somehow he made it work. Artie and Kitty are together because he's pretty much gone through some sort of relationship with everyone else in Glee club, Sam really needs a haircut, Sue's back as principal and Figgins, the former principal is now the janitor? COME ON GUYS.  All the songs chosen were decent, but the only highlight for me was the best Dad ever speech (it's easy when someone else is writing it for you)  that Bert gave to Kurt on his way to the best surprise proposal ever. (It's easy when someones writing it for you). I think all of these kids are tooooo young to get married and this is the second time teen marriage has come into play on this show, but we have to suspend reality a bit when it comes to Glee now. Hoping this show does get cancelled. It's time.
Parenthood pulled a bit of a fast forward to begin the new season.  Last night I could watch stresslessly since Scandal hasn't premiered yet. Once Scandal's on, I have a big decision to make, but either way it becomes an ultra stressful day/night/time for me.  Anyway back to the Bravermans.  It's 9 months later, well it's 37 weeks later and Jasmine went into labor at the Buy Buy Baby of Berkley.  Congrats  guys, the newest Braverman was a baby girl. To every one's surprise, she was very white. Sort of funny that I thought that and Crosby said it the second she came out. It took the entire episode, but she finally got a name...Aida.  Best scene of the night was SO INCREDIBLY real to me. It was when Crosby picked up Adam in his VW bug while trying to get baby Aida to sleep. He was exhausted. You know the "I have a 4 day old" type of new dad exhaustion and he wasn't feeling it yet. He didn't feel the connection to his new daughter and was freaking out.  OMG I remember feeling that way and they say men feel that way WAY more than women. Nice to see it discussed and of course handled so well by big brother Adam.  Amber looks like she got her sh*t together big time over the past 9 months. She looked gorgeous and said yes to Ryan when he proposed after coming back from Kandahar.  Drew seems to have gone a bit Biebery with his hair, Ray Romano and Sarah broke up but he's still around and hanging out with a very obnoxious Max at the photography studio. Christina's decided to run for Mayor of Berkely and Sarah's now the superintendent of a building somewhere.  Finally some good news for Joel. He just landed a huge 2 year contract to build a bunch of houses, but Julia's bummin that she can't get a job. So happy these guys are back in my life again. Damn you NBC for putting them back in my life against Olivia Pope, but I will figure it out.

-The other day, Joseph Gordon Levitt was on the Howard Stern show and while I've always known his work and enjoyed it, I never gave him much thought. But between his interview with Howard and his appearance on my FBFF, Jimmy Fallon's show, the other night, I think I'm sorta obsessed with him now. Check this out! It's nearly 10 minutes long, but ya gotta watch! 
-If that video wasn't awesome enough, Jimmy's a Dad now so he called his buds over on Sesame Street and did this one for us too. I mean the guy is just the best! http://www.hulu.com/watch/537508
-YEAH ANDREA ZUCKERMAN!!! Gabrielle Carteris was just elected to be the Vice President of the SAG/AFTRA union. If you remember her from 90210, then you know it's seems all too perfect for her to land this gig. Can't you just see her in it? Fighting for the rights of actors and stuff. It's just exactly where I'd think she'd be. She and Brandon can work on the SAG/AFTRA newsletter together now. I'd like to see that on my screen! 
-HBO has already renewed Boardwalk Empire for a 5th season. Unless they've added a hot shirtless dude to the cast, I'm still not on board. I think I told you guys that I really tried to watch it. You guys promised me that if I stuck with it I'd end up loving it, but I just haven't been able to get through episode 4 season 1 yet.  

-Bob's Burgers has already been renewed by FOX for a 5th season. No animation for me, don't care.

-I think if you go back a few days, when I mentioned that the Style network was folding instead of G4, I predicted that Giuliana and Bill and Tia & Tamara would find a home, and of course, I was right. I mean this is my specialty...It's official, both shows are moving from Style to E! and premiere on 10/4. 
-Another no brainer, OWN acquired the rights to the movie THE BUTLER. Duh.

-Starting Saturday at 12N Showtime's airing a Homeland Season 2 marathon just in time for the Season 3 premiere. I don't even know what to say here. If you're watching the Breaking Bad marathon, then I honestly think that's where your focus should be. If you're done with Breaking Bad then I give you permission to watch the Homeland marathon, but definitely do not blow off the BB marathon for Homeland.  Just my opinion.

-Walking Dead fans, be on the lookout next week for the premiere of Season 3's 3 episode webisode series called "The Oath".  

-This just in, CeeLo's head tattoo is not permanent. Blake Shelton was on Kelly & Michael and confirmed it for us all. Whewwwwww 

-Caroline Manzo won't be back for Season 6 of Real Housewives of NJ. Don't worry, it's not the last we'll be seeing her. If you recall my blog from last week, the Manzo's are getting their own show, but Caroline won't be back to the show that started it all for her and her family.  I'm fine by her departure.  She was getting on my nerves last season and it got worse this season. So it doesn't sadden me one bit to see her go. 
Friday's Trivia Question: This actor is the voice of Moe on The Simpsons and most recently starred in the show Free Agents that was cancelled in it's first season. Name the actor.  What was this weeks theme? NOTE: 1 person already got it, so the bonus you'd receive is 5 points. 

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