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How Can You Avoid Medication Errors and Safeguard Your Health by Using Medication Dispensing System

Posted on the 13 December 2012 by Yogeshvashist98 @YogeshVashist98

The medication dispensing system is an automatic dispenser for pills designed medication errorsnot only for hospital and pharmacy usage, but also for home use. It is a way to monitor a treatment efficiently and to ensure that a stock of medications is being used in compliance with the regulations. Compliance is when a patient is given/takes the right amount of medicine that was prescribed to them, and at the right time. There is no human to have never missed on a pill time, and sometimes such occurrences can be quite serious or transform into habits. Chaotic medical treatment is never a good idea. The dispensing system combats these tendencies. Thankfully, patient compliance is improved considerably by using this device.

Medication Dispensing System Will Remind You About Your Medicine

Caregivers find the dispensing system very useful, since they no longer have to 

Medication Dispensing System
stress repeatedly over each small detail. The device for home use is helpful especially when dealing with the elderly. The main trouble is represented by forgetfulness. This tends to become a major problem, since the seniors sometimes have to take several pills a day, not just one. Moreover, not every pill can be prescribed to take at the same interval. Therefore, intervals will differ, which makes it more difficult altogether, even confusing. With the system’s assistance, patients will comply with the prescription rules and never forget a pill again.

This Device Can Save Life

The device has a reminder system which no longer allows one to forget about taking the pills. If necessary, one may opt for a voice alarm reminder. The option could be very useful with the old ones. The devices work with batteries and can have high pill capacity, so that there’s no need to stock these too often. The lock is secure, so that it can’t be open to get more pills at once. This is especially effective with children, with the elderly or with patient with an unstable mental state. There have been sufficient cases in which ill patients would contemplate suicide and would attempt it by very easy means: taking medication in excess while no one is around. The medication dispensing system finally eliminates this risk. Too ill or old people can be left unattended without fearing that they may push a dozen of pills down their throat.

Medication Dispensing System and Medication Errors

Another great benefit is that the system eliminates medication errors. When a patient needs to take pills of different kinds, it’s easy to forget which, when and how many times to take. Thus, one could end up taking the same type twice. A dose that goes beyond what’s normal can trigger a serious crisis inside the body. The medication dispensing system doesn’t let this happen. When patient have to take several prescription drugs regularly, one believes they simply get used to the schedule and automatically take the pills correctly. This is false, because such habitual gesture is often blurred by the memory. Patients remember having taken the pills earlier in the day or the day before. Thus they may skip a dose simply because they have the memory of having taken it. Therefore, the system eliminates the risk of false memories interfering with the treatment.

Author’s Bio: Sonali Guha is a regular and professional writer. She has done thorough research on medication dispensing systems while writing the post.

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