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How Can I Protect My Eye Sight Naturally?

Posted on the 07 August 2018 by Health_news
How can I protect my eye sight naturally?

You might have seen millions of people suffering from severe vision disorders. Eyes play an important role in health n' life, protecting those peepers from being lost is essential. So, here are a few steps you can take to ensure and preserve your eyes from disasters-coming.

Time to Limit Your Screen-Time

In today's world, Smartphone's and laptops are given more importance than outdoor trip and friendly talk. It's true that technology has much grown up in helping humanity by doing everything right from connecting people to meeting shopping needs. Though serving is good for reason but is it good in protecting your vision? Staring the screen for exceeded period causes eye strain, blurred vision and headaches. It is better to avoid the use of mobile to preserve your precious sight for future.

Outdoor...Then seek Shade

Avoid direct link with sun's ultraviolet A n' B rays. Use an apt sunglass to protect your eyes and an apt SPF+30 suns cream to protect to the body.

Studies have proven that not just on summery jive but also on a cloudy day, wear sunglasses to avoid the radiations.

Keep your eyes off from AC

Staying in front of A/C on summer days, might feels heavenly but it's really a bad idea in preserving your vision. The cool dry air zaps away the moisture from your eyeballs wreaking them.

No glasses? Then have regular check-ups

Don't you wear glasses? Great but still it's good to have a regular eye check up and know about your health. Eat health foods and maintain your weight.

: Say 'No' to contact lens while sleeping and 'No' to smoking.

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How can I protect my eye sight naturally?
How can I protect my eye sight naturally?

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