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How Can A Web Design Firm Produce Successful Ecommerce Web Design Solutions

Posted on the 29 April 2012 by Yogeshvashist98 @YogeshVashist98

There is no doubt that online commerce industry is pacing well enough these days and this year’s shopping seasons are expected to yield highest returns ever gained from online shopping. In fact, many reports suggest that this year has already enjoyed a 16% boost in online commerce activities as compared to 2010, which is quite phenomenal. However, despite this entire buzz about online shopping, ecommerce websites actually end up converting only 1 to 4 percent of their leads averagely. On the other hand, there are also some ecommerce sites that succeed in boosting this conversion figure up to about 15%.

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Such statistics logically compel one to think how do some of ecommerce websites play so low while there are some that yield so high. Are there any special types of web design services that successful ecommerce websites resort to, or what? Well, as they say that big things always come in small packages; this might surprise you, but it remains true that the simple factors mentioned below are found common in successful ecommerce websites.

1. Finding the product

Of course, it all begins on an ecommerce website by finding the product a visitor is searching for. If visitors find it hard or inconvenient to find whatever they might be looking for, they are least expected to show up ever again on a particular site. The problem to be addressed here while designing an ecommerce website is to cater different types of potential clients that might visit the site. There can be expert online shoppers who are not only well aware of what they need, but are also quite tech-savvy to find exactly what they need. For them, a prominent and efficient search bar is the best answer to let them through to what they want. There are also novices to online shopping that might show up on your website. They will not only have to be comforted regarding online security issues, but they will need more guidance to access the product they need. The key lies in producing a design solution that is capable of comforting people with different requisites.

2. Presentation of the product

One of the main influences on a visitor to become a shopper is presentation of the product. A web design firm should design an ecommerce website to be able to present products in the best possible way to visitors, to entice them to add what they need to their shopping carts and buy them. To do so, they might follow the following designing tips:

  • Human beings are known to be the most responsive to what they see. Designers shall add attractive and highly relevant photos of products to catch attention from potential customers.
  • Visitors are quite curious and conscious in buying things online. Ecommerce sites offering them product reviews and allowing them share their comments lures customers towards a product (or the website) a great deal.
  • Price is definitely an area that is most important for shoppers. Unless a website presents shoppers with clear and prominent pricing, they are most likely to move towards better alternatives.
  • The option of related products also serves to improve chances of further online transactions from a website.
  • Convincing “call to action statements” also serve to greatly persuade online shoppers in adding products to their shopping carts. A simple “add to cart” statement is most likely to play the trick in best possible manner

3. Going for it

Last but not the least comes sealing the deal part. Studies reveal that online shoppers are most happy to find one click checkout options on ecommerce websites rather than the ones that require them to fill long forms. While checking out, offering instant chat option for improved customer services standards also influences visitors positively.

The key to success in online shopping is to provide clients precisely with what they need in the most simple and convenient manner. Make sure to remember this while getting your online commerce website ready if you really want to enjoy lot of fame, success, and money.

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