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How Anna Makes Marzipan

By Bakerquigs @bakerquigs
Walking in the kitchen day after day during Christmas season, I couldn't help but realize how talented Anna is at making marzipan. The way she pays attention to the intricate details of the miniature food sculptures combined with her incredible dexterity makes every one perfect. This week, she allowed me to have a sneak peak at how Marzipan-tastic goodies,  I brought the camera along with me to give all you Family Cake Company loyalists a first hand look at what goes into making marzipan. Halfway through, Anna even allowed me to make my own attempted at making a marzipan snowman, and I can tell you first hand it’s not as easy as it looks! After many failures including a deformed head and plenty of friendly criticism from Anna, I was able to make a somewhat presentable snowman to show my friends.  Anyways, have a look at this how-to video to get a little taste of what Anna spends her time on during the Christmas season, you will be impressed.

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