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How Alcohol Ruined My Life – My Story

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

I never thought I would be a alcoholic. I always hated that my father was very heavy into drinking. I found a lot of times that the ID 10067513 How Alcohol Ruined My Life   My Storyalcohol let him to be abusive and to say things and do things to our family that was not appropriate. I tell myself that I would never drink like my father but here I am now talking about how alcohol ruined my life at one point in time. If it wasn’t for my lovely daughter Nancy I don’t think I would’ve really realized all the damage alcohol caused me.

I feel really bad for my wife who had to put up with a lot of non sense when I was drunk and had to deal with me in the hospital with cirrhosis. I do think though that the support from both my daughter and my wife really helped me to stay away from alcohol. I did have a slip about a month ago but apart from that I’ve avoided alcohol for years now.

I think for myself staying away from alcohol for this long is great and has given me a lot of self-worth. I think that family can really help you when it comes to recovering from alcoholism. I didn’t want to end up damaging my liver to the point where I have to get a new one. I knew that it would heal slowly in time and that I could rebound from this.

I want to start learning from my mistakes instead of continually repeating them. I want to make my daughter happy because she is very important to me. Nancy has really been there for me even when I made very poor decisions and I want to make sure that I am in good enough health so I can see her possible grandchildren.

I learned that the choices I made were bad choices and that I was responsible for those choices. I have a huge amount of support from my daughter Nancy who has greatly helped encourage me to stay away from alcohol and do more productive things of my life. I got involved in a lot of hobbies such as sports like hockey and tennis.

I was actually a big hockey and tennis player until alcohol came into the picture and made lazy. Looking back I really wish I was not introduced to alcohol because I can’t stop myself from drinking it like everyone else. I wasn’t the type of person that was able to drink alcohol and not stop myself from continually drinking.

I think a lot of people struggle with alcohol if they have a addictive personality. I know many people who swear they wouldn’t become addicted to alcohol but when they face low points in their life they turn to it. We turn to something that we think helps us deal with our problems but it actually creates more problems.

 Alcohol causes tons of nutritional deficiencies and damages are adrenals by causing huge blood sugar fluctuations. It damages our ID 10098372 How Alcohol Ruined My Life   My Storydigestive system which is necessary to absorb the many important nutrients that we get from our foods. It causes us to be abusive and yell at people that we love. It’s seen as fun but it has a lot of consequences. I think the youth of today are unaware of the potential dangers of consuming alcohol.

They don’t know if they have a addictive personality. That addictive personality could lead them to abuse alcohol. I know many people that get upset by me saying these things because they don’t want to be singled out as an addict. I don’t think anyone wants to be called an addict because it’s not a nice thing to be called. The thing is though if you are the type of person that easily gets addicted to things then you should be careful with alcohol.

You don’t want your life to be destroyed by it. In life you will face many ups and downs and the downs you face you may turn to positive or negative things to help you cope. Some people do things like exercise in order to deal with stress in their life. Other people turn to more negative things like alcohol and unhealthy food to deal with their stress. Some people play video games in order to escape reality or escape from the stresses of everyday life.

We all do things in order to cope with problems in our life. The thing is though that we always wan to turn to healthy things in order to cope because the unhealthy means are safe and the unhealthy ones cause more problems. I always try to structure my life in a way that allows me to cope with things in a healthy way. I eat the healthiest diet possible, exercise a lot. I have many friends who are very important to me who I can call on the phone if I’m having problems.

This stops me from turning to alcohol to deal with my problems. I know that alcohol is going to lead me to more problems and bring me down to a much darker place with my life. If you asked me how do you get somebody to stop drinking alcohol? I would say that you want to sometimes allow people to make their own mistakes.

This can be a very difficult thing to do especially when it’s your love ones but you need to understand that a lot of times people will not change unless they are forced to. They have to face real problems with their decisions and with these problems they realize that they need to change. This can be some type of health problem that comes from drinking or this can be some type of problem with their employment or family problem.

They need something to go wrong in order to learn from their mistakes. If they are having health problems that affecting then they may then see that the decisions they’re making are not good for them. You could try some type of intervention but the problem with that is a lot of times they just feel singled out.

They may not want to admit that they are an addict or admit that they have a problem because they’re embarrassed or ashamed. I know for myself I didn’t change my ways until I started facing health problems and started to realize how much I love my daughter and how important she is to me. I want to make sure that I am healthy so I can be there for her.

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 How Alcohol Ruined My Life   My Story

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