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How About a Pedicure!!

By Thelovelyvice @TheLovelyVice
I am all excited to come to my Yoga class, I  can't wait to jump from the treadmill to the classroom. I look around and I see only one brave man ready to start and mostly 20 or 30 something women. This time is not crowded so I choose where to stand. My yoga instructor is a hot brazilian but he is gay! anyways, right infront of me there is one lady, let's say "with a bit of junk in the trunck" . The class starts, we strech and what is my surprise...the lady has the most horrible feet that I've ever seen!!! whyyyy???
Ladys and gentlemen who attend yoga, pilates and all these bare feet classes in the world, PLEASE take care of your feet, I encourage you to try having a nice pedicure at your local mall and enjoy the benefits that this practice can give you, if there is not enough budget...DO IT YOURSELF! IT'S FREEEEE! xoxo
How about a pedicure!!
How about a pedicure!!

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