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Housework Chores; Do They Ever End?

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

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Do housework chores ever end? The husband has taken 3 of our children away for the Easter weekend, so that leaves me with 3, yes we have halved the kids.

I had full intentions of doing a spot of Spring cleaning this weekend, so I made a start. Three hours later it does not look as if I have actually done anything. I have scrubbed and polished, hoovered and mopped, as soon as I had finished the floors the 2 boys have their crayons and books thrown all over them.

I have just put the 3rd load of laundry in the washing machine and the poor tumble dryer has been flat out all afternoon. We’d be millionaires by now if our bank balance grew as quick as our laundry pile, just when you think you’re done more shows up.

My laundry really needs to be on birth control. It keeps multiplying.

The ironing pile is looking rather troublesome. I wish the kids were old enough to iron their own clothes, that has to be one of the housework chores I dislike the most, because there is so much of it.

I like to keep a tidy home, with 6 children in the house you can imagine this is a hard task. I seem to be forever running around picking up after them.

The kids do have housework chores to do, if they want their weekly pocket money then they have to dig in and help around the house but the list of housework chores never seems to end.

I tidy one room spotlessly clean and then 10 minutes later go back to find it looking like someone threw a bomb in there.

Housework chores, love or hate them we mums have to do them, which do you dislike the most?

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