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Hot Topics to Write Article About

Posted on the 14 December 2012 by Naveedkhan

For bloggers & content writers the most difficult thing is choose a good topic to write article on their related niche. Choosing appealing or hot topic creates a big difference between the writers. Writer should keep an eye on audience interest before writing like for example if you are writing regarding skin beauty that you should know many people faces skin diseases, some are interested in anti-aging creams or tablets & many want a glow or smooth skin etc. so if you some up this all & keep a wide approach in writing the article than readers will love to read & engage with you. I find it a best approach to discuss the topic in wide range so people approaching you should find rich information regarding the topic. Linking related article to the content is also a great approach. Also remain un-biased to keep much bigger audience towards your side as when you start taking favor of someone, some other group will take it offensive.

After focusing on the niche to write the content, one should find the current & latest appealing issues/topics. People normally avoid reading old or dull content. Writing content in a funny manner & pitching any issue also attract readers & they might start waiting for your next publishing.

“Know your audience”. Ask yourself:

Are you having specific subscribers?
Or you are targeting masses?
What they are willing to read or search?
Do you have a good hold on the topic you are writing about?
Think like a normal common reader & imagine will they feel any appeal in reading your content?

After satisfying all above question you can start writing the article. Avoid any grammatical or spelling mistake especially if you are writing any hot article related to medical.

Content writing business has been revolutionize through internet as through ad networks writers starts generating great revenue & built there empires. Bloggers, Hub pages & custom websites are the best source to write content & earn from them. Not every one of them earn as many bloggers leave there hard work very soon before they start earning. As it takes long time to build a revenue generating website. A writer has to keep writing great content & do some positive Search engine optimization (White Hat) to start earning great revenue. It has now become much difficult & competitive to rank your content to top rank your content on search engine like Google but Hard work will never let you down.

As Social bookmarking (Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn sharing etc. ) is a key to success for ranking so if you will write great appealing content then people will automatically keep sharing your content on multiple site which will be natural SEO of your site & to make search engines happy. Good Luck!

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