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Hot in 2014: European Inspired Bathroom Vanities

By Jakemontgomery @LTDOnlineStores

European bathrooms vanities are becoming increasingly popular in the states. These vanities are typically slim, using a lighter color palette to influence the surrounding space in a way that promotes depth.

Whether you’ve relocated from Europe of you’re just looking to capture the authentic European aesthetic, these are some of my top choices to help you find the perfect European vanity for your master bathroom.

Tradewinds Imports.com specializes in luxury bathroom vanities. To learn more about European Style Bathroom Decor, you can read this post that goes into more detail about the characteristics and qualities of European spaces.

Top 10 European Vanities

1. 47.25″ Avesta Double Sink Vanity

47.25 inch Avesta Double Sink Vanity

The 47.25 inch Avesta Double Sink Vanity.

The Avesta Double Sink Vanity has a minimalist facade that is smooth and well-defined. Round edges make this vanity inviting and well-fit for any European bathroom. An integrated sink-design gives a streamlined effect that reduces water splash. $750.00. Learn More.

2. 35.5″ Roselle Single Bath Vanity

35.5 inch Roselle Single Bath Vanity Walnut

The 35.5″ Roselle Single Bath Vanity with a walnut finish.

The Roselle vanity has all the right curves in all the right places. This floating vanity has a gorgeous walnut finish that is somewhat uncharacteristic of European wet rooms but light enough to allow for an engaging finish. $1,149.00. Learn More.

3. 59.5″ Kiruma Double Sink Vanity

59.5 inch Kiruma Double Sink Vanity

The 59.5 inch Kiruma Double Sink Vanity.

It may not be evident from the pictures but the Kiruma actually has a textured finish looks and feels like natural wood grains. The Kiruma is wrapped in a chic gray oak finish that blends together Euro-modern styles. $1,145.00. Learn More.(LINK)

4. 58″ Humboldt European Style White Double Vanity

58 inch Humboldt European Style Double Vanity

The 58″ Humboldt European Style Double Vanity.

This vanity has a slimmed structure that is made to accommodate European layouts that are typically long and narrow. You still have fully-functional double panel drawers for supplemental storage. Undermounted sinks are bowed at the front to allow adequate room for hand-washing in the morning. $1,400.70. Learn More.

5. 84″ Moscony Double Sink Vanity

84 inch Moscony Double Sink Vanity White

The 84″ Moscony Double Sink Vanity White.

The Moscony is a full-span vanity with wide-brushed handles that are a staple in European bath design. A delicate quartz countertop completes the solid hardwood construction of this model. $2,179.00. Learn More.

6. 17.75″ Cristallino Single Vessel Sink Vanity

17.75 inch Cristallino Single Vessel Sink Vanity

The 17.75″ Cristallino Single Vessel Sink Vanity.

The Fresca Cristallino Single Wall Mounted Vessel Sink Vanity is nearly a wall mounted basin. This is ideal for smaller European bathrooms because it occupies very little space and has a ultra-modern appearance. $399.00. Learn More.

7. 29.5″ Boden Single Bath Vanity

29.5 inch Boden Single Bath Vanity

The 29.5″ Boden Single Bath Vanity.

The Boden vanity has a gray ash finish with a striking black basin. This makes cleaning and upkeep easier as small marks won’t be as visible as standard white basins. This unit is available with an optional linen cabinet that can be seated on the floor or wall mounted. $599.00. Learn More.

8. 43.25″ Vita Single Bath Vanity

43.25 inch Vita Single Bath Vanity

The 43.25″ Vita Single Bath Vanity.

The Vita single bath vanity features a classic black and white design that is timeless and fancy. The area beneath the basin is coated in a white finish to provide a handsome allure. $1,149.00. Learn More.

9. 42.5″ Wicklow European Style White Bathroom Vanity

42.5 inch Wicklow European Style White Bathroom Vanity

The 42.5″ Wicklow European Style White Bathroom Vanity.

The Wicklow vanity was imagined for those with European sensibilities. A sleek and simple construction is topped off with a opulent marble counter. $920.00. Learn More.

10. 23.5″ Livello Single Bath Vanity

Fresca 23.5 inch Livello Single Bath Vanity Gray Oak

Fresca’s 23.5″Livello Single Bath Vanity Gray Oak.

The Livello vanity has a striking appearance that is made using acrylic materials. Acrylic is easy to clean and highly durable making it perfect for changing bathroom environments. $999.00. Learn More.

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