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‘Horrible Bosses’ Uses F****t Once, Offensive Or Not So Much?

Posted on the 06 July 2011 by Cynisright @cynisright
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I haven’t had the chance to get to the theater to see Horrible Bosses, yet (I’m a Jason Bateman fan) – parts of the LGBT community are discussing Jennifer Aniston’s role as one of the “sucky bosses” who uses “f****t” to denigrate one of the main characters that she employs.

With most anti-LGBT nuances coming under scrutiny by GLAAD and other LGBT media outlets, it is somewhat surprising that this hasn’t been heavily discussed publicly. After all, with movies such as The Hangover 2 coming under scrutiny this summer, this movie seems to have somehow slipped under the radar.

Towleroad reported:

Some critics are wondering whether the term should have been included in the movie at all, but co-screenwriter Jonathan Goldstein explains their decision to keep it in the reel.

“I think part of the challenge is to, in a fairly short amount of time, get these guys to a place where an audience can empathize,” he said. “To shorthand that, we tried to think: what are the most offensive things they can say? Using a word like that I think is one of them. It says this woman is irredeemable.”

Goldstein’s explanation does seem plausible, even though some of it sounds like he’s trying to cover the movies arse before the LGBT police come swooping in. Although, with a movie titled, Horrible Bosses, what type of material could one feasibly expect? The movie is basically about how the three male characters are pushed to the edge by their bosses, leaving them with no choice but to take them out – Mafia style. Why look for jobs when you can stuff them in a trunk of a car? Makes perfect sense to me.

With everything that is going on politically right now with a direct impact on the community, is it wise to focus our attention on a 5 second sound bite? Besides, when was the last time Jennifer Aniston did anything worth mentioning? I say, let the girl shine – she needs it.

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