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Honey, What's for Dinner?

By Evg Enko

Honey, What's for Dinner?


I moved! Hence the missing posts (which I promised to myself I'd never do, but limited wi-fi access and "having to run around and take care of a dozen of things at the same time" situation have won) in the past two weeks. Everything went smoothly up until the point when I called to turn on gas and was told by a puzzled rep that there's no meter in my unit. That wouldn't be so strange if the building wasn't built in 60-s or so, and if there was no person occupying the apartment just 3 weeks before! I was told there was no available appointment time for installation for at least another week and this is when I found myself standing in the frozen meals isle. The virgin territory to me... I mean, yes, I'd buy frozen peas and carrots, and even frozen mangoes for my smoothies at times, but stuff like "Juicy Chicken with Creamy Alfredo" was never ever on my shopping list. 
Which leads me to this - food the way a lot of people in America see and eat it is not the same as I've know it for most of my life (before coming here that is). First, eating food from a cardboard box is totally fine and frequently practiced. Second, there's hardly an item you can find at the grocery store that will not include Microwave cooking instructions (and oh how I am grateful for it this week!). And third, no matter what the label tells you of how natural and home-cooked it tastes, food that comes to your plate directly from a box, a can, or a vacuumed package NEVER tastes as the one that comes from my mama's stove.
Feel free to prove me wrong.

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