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Homeoprophylaxis and the "V" That Must Not Be Questioned

By Suvenchow

Since I spoke a little about homeoprophylaxis in my previous post on vaccination, I thought it'd be nice to do a follow up on the subject and introduce to you what homeoprophylaxis is about. 
First things first, homeo-what?! Don't worry, it may sound complicated and alien but it is more common a word than you think. 
What is homeprophylaxis? Why is it an alternative to vaccination? Who invented it? How is it beneficial to our being? There will be lots and lots of questions going through your mind when it comes to the topic of health and vaccination. Hopefully, this post will give you a general idea of what homeoprophylaxis is, and then you can decide for yourselves if this is a possible route you might want to take. Please be informed that I am no physician nor am I a vaccination expert, I am merely sharing what I know as a fellow parent. This article is not a piece of medical advice. It is written to create some awareness of what other options are out there in regards to immunisation for your child. Don't solely believe in what I write without doing some further reading on your part. 
Homeopathy is a medical system that was developed 200 years ago by Samuel Hahnemann. Its medicine, usually in the form of pilules (small sugary pills) or drops, follows definite scientific laws of preparation, a process called potentisation. It involves diluting and succussing of a material (plant, animal, minerals, disease cell, etc) until there is no trace of the original material remaining. Sounds confusing? Definitely. It's hard to grasp but if you want to read more and in more detail, click here and here.
In layman's terms, what happens after the potentisation process is that you are only left with the energy of the original substance - a dilution so small that it can only suggest to the body the presence of, for example, a disease. It merely introduces the 'energy' of the disease (but there are no physical trace of the pathogen) so that the body responds as if the disease is there and starts creating the antibodies for the disease. What it does is that it educates the body about the disease without having it go to war because there are no actual remnants of the virus or adjuvants (alum and mercury) to push the body into overdrive.
How does it differ to modern vaccination? The orthodox vaccination as we know it, injects a concoction of cultivated cells that carry the disease, adjuvants such as Aluminum (and mercury for some), and preservatives such as formaldehyde, directly into our bloodstream, bypassing all our body's other natural defence mechanism. Our body goes into distress because its fort have silently been breached, and the adjuvants further push our body into overdrive to create the necessary army to defeat the foreign particles. The 'guards' at all our main entrance (lymph nodes) never had a chance to notify our elite army (white blood cells) because the 'intruder' (vaccine/ virus) launched the attack by appearing magically in front of our 'royal family' (blood stream). Get the idea?
When the body goes into overdrive, that's when problems like eczema, asthma and auto immune disorder come to play. Doctors will tell you that it's very common to have eczema, and most likely it's because there are cases of allergies and/ or respiratory problems somewhere along your family tree. Given, most of the time,
Well, I'm no medical expert, but I know for a fact that no one in my family (my mom and dad) suffers from asthma or eczema. When Little Miss Bébé developed a minor case of eczema (not to mention a five hour crying marathon) right after her second month jab, I told my doctor that no one in my family I know suffers from any allergies or immune disorder, she just shrugged and said, "it happens, all babies have eczema." And I was like, "WTF? I knew babies who did not have eczema". It was then I started reading up on eczema and ultimately the issues surrounding vaccination. The more I read the more I was intrigued. I mean, there are big names in the medical field that supports the debate against vaccination - Dr Palevsky, Dr Mercola, Dr Tenpenny, Dr Sears, Dr Wakefield, Dr Golden, etc. So when my chiropractor Dr Twink Lim, who is against vaccination, suggests that I try homeopathy as a vaccination alternative for bubba, I took up her advice and visited a Naturopath (I thought a Naturopath would be more acceptable as a stepping stone into homeopathy and I didn't want to just jump into the homeopathy band wagon) when I came to Australia.
Just in case you're wondering what naturopathy is, naturopathy takes into consideration your diet and lifestyle, and utilizes homeopathic and herbal remedies to bring your body back into its optimum health. My Naturopath Natalie Pickering takes care of both Little Miss Bébé and my health in general, and I'm please to say that since our first visit, we've been in better health than ever. Even when Little Miss Bébé was down with the cold, she recovered with a couple of days WITHOUT MODERN DRUGS, only with homeopathic remedies. Having said that, she has been drug free since she was six months old, with occasional ill time but always recovered within a week with only Vitamin C and Virgin Coconut Oil. But since visiting Natalie, whenever bub was down with cold, she takes homeopathic remedies and Vitamin C, and recovers within a couple of days. So yes, I'm a true believer that homeopathic remedies work (provided you also maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle). My skeptical husband, who is not the healthiest person in the world in terms of both diet and lifestyle, also recovered from a recent cold (cough/ runny nose) with only Aconite (a homeopathic remedy). He, too was impressed.
I believe in embracing what God has given us, our natural ability to fight off diseases and heal. However, if I know under certain circumstances that modern medicine is the only way to go, then I'd happily do it. There will be times when we will need medical intervention, but it doesn't necessarily mean that we are going against what we believe in (our body's own natural ability to heal), we're merely doing what we need to in order to survive.
Anyways, getting back to the story. My naturopath supported my decision in halting Little Miss Bébé's vaccination and referred me to a homeopathy centre where bub subsequently got her homeoprophylaxis done. To be honest, I have no idea if it truly works, but I do have more faith that it's better for your health than orthodox medicine. Because if you understand the concept of homeopathy, you'd know that it works to build immunity or heal the body from the inside out. Modern medicine, on the other hand, works to treat a symptom from the outside in, and you'll just continue treating the symptoms because the core of the problem (on the inside) is never addressed.
What do you think? Would you be open to homeoprophylaxis and what are your thoughts on it being a vaccination alternative?

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