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Homemade Easter Gifts

By Livedwithlove @kerrymarie
With Lent well and truly underway, the countdown to Easter has begun. This special time of the year is rapidly approaching, so why not unleash your creative side and make a whole range of goodies for your loved ones? Visit sites like to stock up on art supplies and check out the following homemade gifts for inspiration. They’ll be worth the effort – homemade gifts are always appreciated and treasured.
Sock buddies Homemade Easter gifts source.
Sock buddies are not only easy to make with the kids, but they're also great presents to give to children this Easter. They're fun and simple to do, so get hold of any lonely stray socks and turn them into something wonderfully creative. To get started, make sure the sock is clean before filling it up with dry lentils to just past the heel. Close the sock with a tightly looped rubber band or neatly stitch together. To make the head, tie a brightly coloured ribbon around the sock just below the heel and cut the sock's cuff to make two ears! Now you have the basic shape of a sock buddy (rabbits are great for Easter) you can start to add the details by cutting a mouth, eyes, nose and such like from felt – you could even add a cotton wool tail! Click here to see how they can look!
Easter biscuits Homemade Easter gifts source. What would Easter be without something delicious to munch? It’s a great time to get creative in the kitchen, so grab a wooden spoon, pull on your apron and try your hand at some mouthwatering Easter biscuits. There are plenty of recipes on the internet, so whether you want to make traditional fruit biscuits or something a little different you won't be short of choice. If you want to surprise your friends or relatives with some homemade baking, it's a good idea to make your biscuits into traditional Easter/spring shapes such as birds, eggs, chicks, butterflies and flowers. Biscuit cutters are widely available these days, so you shouldn't have any trouble moulding your dough into something unique and fun. Decorate your biscuits in icing, place them in a lined wicker basket for decoration and they're sure to make someone's day. Chocolate covered Easter strawberries Homemade Easter gifts source.
Anyone can go to a shop and buy an Easter egg, but as nice as they are, it's well-worth trying something different. Chocolate covered Easter strawberries make fantastic presents and are truly delicious, so here's what you do! Firstly, wash your fruit and take out their green stalks. Next, melt some white chocolate and (if you want to change the colour) add a little food colouring – divide your chocolate into separate bowls first if you want to use numerous colours. Dip your strawberries, leave to cool and set before jazzing them up with icing pens. Dots, stripes, zigzags and other patterns will help bring your creations to life. Present them neatly on a plate, or alternatively, Google 'edible nest eggs' and whip up your very own yummy basket. Easter is a great time to get creative, so celebrate in style with these unique and effective ideas! Homemade Easter gifts
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