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Homemade Dress Drive for Haiti Update

By Kathybarbro @KathyBarbro
Homemade Dress Drive for Haiti UpdateWell, it turns out that the world is full of many more generous seamstresses than I ever could have guessed. HOPE Art’s Dress Drive has been an overwhelming success so far (48 have arrived so far) and I suspect that many more are still on their way. I know they were all made with love, and the the little girls who wear them will know that too. Which brings me to HOPE Art’s next fund drive, one to both deliver these dresses and take a photo project to Haiti in January of 2012. 
Homemade Dress Drive for Haiti UpdateFor the 2nd anniversary of the Haiti Earthquake, we’d like to leave a trail of HOPE by papering the streets with portraits of girls ages 4-15 years old, holding up signs explaining their hopes, ambitions and dreams. Please support our Kickstarter Drive HERE, and thank you so very much for all your support!

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