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Home Insurance; Is It Really That Important?

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

ID 10039775 Home Insurance; Is It Really That Important?

Thanks to my home insurance I am still online and have a working laptop. After an accident with my beloved purple laptop I was beside myself when Kody rammed the hoover into it. I had been using it and placed it on the floor near to the sofa. I had forgot to move it and Kody decided to start up the hoover that was already plugged in, from me hoovering up the crisps he had tipped all over my rug. Yes he’s 2 and hoover obsessed.

Smash and the laptop froze

I turned it off and back on and nothing

I was ready to cry, we have another laptop but its old and takes a hamster on a wheel to make it work. I felt lost. There was no way I could afford to replace it and for four days I sulked.

It was the husband who mentioned that our content insurance policy may cover the costs to have it repaired or replaced. I phoned up to see if our home insurance would cover it and thankfully it did. It took a matter of two weeks to have it collected, fixed and returned.

I have never used our policy before and to be honest when we were discussing finances and trying to cut our spendings and outgoings we did consider cancelling our home insurance. I am so thankful we didn’t. I have never really understood the importance of having home insurance or contents insurance whatever you call it, until now.

When I take a look around the house, we have so many expensive electrical items and gadgets that I could never afford to replace quickly if they were damaged. We had to discuss what would happen if we had anything stolen, something was accidentally damaged or god forbid the house burned down, we would be left with nothing and no money to start over. We agreed our home insurance was one area we could not cut costs.

When we look at the 6 children and all the items we have bought them, ourselves and for the home there is no way I could live without a few of the expensive items. There have been a few times I have laughed at something online and spat my coffee all over the keyboard, the kids are forever leaving their Tablet or Ipad lying in places that could result in someone standing on and accidents do happen.

At least I know our items are covered and if anything did happen, its not a fuss to have them replaced or better than that, not costly to have them replaced.

As we privately rent our home the landlord takes responsibility for the building insurance and I had a good read about this area to know what would be covered if anything was to happen. I do feel more relaxed that we have insurance to cover not only our home but our prized possessions too.

Do you have home insurance? Do you think its important to have it?

 Home Insurance; Is It Really That Important?

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