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  • Gas Fireplace Glass, White Haze

    Fireplace Glass, White Haze

    Originally posted at: http://www.structuretech1.com/2012/07/dirty-glass-at-gas-fireplaces/After years of use, gas fireplaces often develop a cloudy white haze o... Read more

    The 03 July 2012 by   Homesmsp
  • Another Common Roof Installation Defect: Short Nails

    Another Common Roof Installation Defect: Short Nails

    Have you ever noticed roofs with shingles popping up all over the place? A common reason for this is the use of nails that are too short. Read more

    The 17 July 2012 by   Homesmsp
  • Old Rubber Hoses on Washing Machines

    Rubber Hoses Washing Machines

    Burst washing machine hoses have to be one of the most common causes of catastrophic water damage in homes. When I find rubber hoses used to connect the... Read more

    The 24 July 2012 by   Homesmsp
  • Environmentally Friendly Flooring Options

    Environmentally Friendly Flooring Options

    As the realities of climate change become apparent, homeowners are increasingly looking to sustainable materials to reduce the environmental impact of home... Read more

    The 18 July 2012 by   Trendoffice
  • Walls, Decisions, Volunteers

    Walls, Decisions, Volunteers

    The last 24 hours have been a bit of a whirlwind of discussion, decision making, and activity. I'm very fuzzy headed. The thing I keep coming back to as being... Read more

    The 17 July 2012 by   The_woodlouse
  • It's Nearly Straw Time

    It's Nearly Straw Time

    Volunteer bale builders arrive tomorrow. We've ended up with slightly more than planned, plus a reserve list. Yaay! At some point I didn't think the site would... Read more

    The 29 July 2012 by   The_woodlouse
  • Single Women Buy Homes at Nearly Double the Rate of Single Men

    Single Women Homes Nearly Double Rate

    You may not be surprised to learn that single women buy homes on their own at a higher rate than single men... and given that women tend to outlive men this... Read more

    The 27 July 2012 by   Homesmsp
  • 2012 Trends in Kitchens and Baths

    2012 Trends Kitchens Baths

    According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, national kitchen and bath trends for 2012 include... While cherry is still popular for natural wood... Read more

    The 23 July 2012 by   Homesmsp

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