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By Vsudarsan
Are you like me?  Someone who prefers to workout at home.. I've a hard time dragging myself to the gym.. I workout in my garage and sometimes in my garden. It's easy to create this space for yourself.. I've a few must-have's and nice to-have's for you here..
Dedicated Spot: Find a private place that is well-lit, open and airy. You will not be motivated to work out in a dull and dingy room. Ideally, this room should be facing the outdoors.
Beautiful Home Gymvia: HouzzHome Gym Ideasvia: HouzzHome Gymvia: HouzzSoft Flooring: Soft cushioned flooring and exercise mats protect your knees. Inter-locking gym tiles are easy to install and not so expensive. I've a few examples for you here:
Home Gym Flooringvia: Norsk
Yoga Mats
via: Elite Workout Mats
Organization: Organize everything you need for your exercise routine. It could be on an open shelf or inside a closet or a bench with storage underneath. Consider safety of equipments, weights, stability balls, bands, etc., making sure they are not easily accessible by children.
Medicine Ball Storage
Lighting: Poorly lit gyms are dull and lacks energy leading to a not so effective workout. Natural light peeping through the windows is the best option as exposure to sunlight alleviates fatigue. Recess lighting or florescent lights would work well as these distributes light evenly across the room. It is a bad idea to hang a chandelier, and floor lighting could be on your way.
Mirrors: Proper posture and correct movements are very important while working out. Mirrors will aid you through out your routine. Best to go with a full length wall-mounted or free-standing mirror so that you can see yourself entirely.
Home Gym Mirror via: how-to-install-a-composite-mirror
Activewear and Shoes: There are so many stylish and breathable activewear options and shoes available these days - just don't ignore them. You need to be able to stretch your body while working out. 
Entertainment: Music and television might motivate you without realizing the time you have spent in the gym.
Finally, here's my favorite home gym!
Beautiful Home Gymvia: ciiwa

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