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Holy Frost It’s Cold!

By Marensmorsels @marentweets


I live in central California where it doesn’t snow and rarely get’s below 40 degrees and this was on my car’s windshield!

You know those What I Ate Wednesday posts that are super cool but I never actually do? Well, I thought since I didn’t get a post in last night I’d play What I Did Yesterday!!



I think I posted breakfast yesterday morning when I was being a good food/fitness blogger and writing about my eats the same day I did them.


remember the epic breakfast sausage and egg on toast all with awake tea and almond milk? It’s a keeper I think, especially since the sausage is homemade by a family friend! If you’ve never had homemade sausage before, you’ve gotta make it happen. Holy Cannoli it’s delicious and you’ll never like store bought again.



We went to a local Chinese institution, the Eagle. Jaemen was on low blood sugar since he forgot to eat breakfast and we needed some food stat. Jaemen get’s very grumpy when not fed.

Ken, the guy I coach basketball with is really superstitious. We can’t wear the same colors on game day, he has a turkey sandwich on wheat bread before every game and I can’t drink diet coke from a can. I freaked out when I took a sip from my diet coke after I poured it into my glass so I texted him asking if diet coke from a can but poured into a glass and drank with a straw (for extra quarantine) was okay. Luckily, it was!

I had the Spicy Lemongrass Tofu lunch special.


I started out with some hot and sour soup.



Holy so much food! That was literally dubbed the 3 Servings of Rice Mountain. But, it was super good and I’m glad I have left overs for dinner tonight.


I broke down and had some Starbursts while packaging all our units to ship out………. Whatever get’s ya through the manual labor.


My cousin got me a new Tae Bo workout DVD for Christmas and I was jumping at the roundhouse kick to do it!!!!!


It was so hard!!! And I tore my arms up! Hello Mr. and Mrs. Bicep.


I gotta get in at least one more run this week!! I just don’t want my tummy to freak out………


was so cool and unsuspected that I totally forgot to take any pictures!

Max surprised me by coming to my basketball game last night which we won by 12 points

Then he took me to Chipotle to get some food and we snuck it into the move theater to see The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo! OMG it was so so so good (despite the few things they changed) and Max won himself some MAJOR boyfriend points.

I’m a little sleep deprived since I didn’t get home ‘til 1am but it was totally worth it.

Today! Breakfast

photo (5)

Not too hungry this AM so I’m keepin’ it light with some awake tea and soymilk.

This list was on my Swackett Weather App yesterday and I pulled my car over to laugh when I saw it.

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