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Holy Death by Burpees!

By Marensmorsels @marentweets

My days have been a little crazy weird lately. I’ve had some babysitting gigs in the late evenings this week and it’s making me do my fitness in the mornings. It’s safe to say I’m all out of whack. I’m hungry at weird times. I’m tired in the afternoons. I’m not eating my normal humongous dinners. I have a hard time falling asleep at my normal 11pm bedtime.

Life’s in shambles.

Holy Death by Burpees!


For those of you who missed it, click the link above for full Cross Fit disclosure. But I’ll do a little recap. I decided I really wanted to do Cross Fit but cant:

  • find the courage
  • pay the bill
  • handle being around all the body builders
  • deal with the pressure on my girly psyche
  • do it without being intimidated which I guarantee will include tears.
  • process all the testosterone… 

So I found a fun little app for my hand-dandy iPhone that gives me a WOD that doesn’t require a ‘box’, ropes, strange metal contraptions for climbing, or semi-tires. I’m calling them my M-Wods (Maren’s Work Out toDay).

I checked my app first thing this morning (in excitement and anticipation) and this is what I saw…


Holy death!

I couldn’t handle the day knowing I’d saved that (see above) for post babysitting at 9pm. So I did my fitness right after waking up.

I ran 2 miles at a minute under my 1/2 marathon pace. Which is between 11-12 minutes. My average mile pace today was 10:41. Perfection!

Then I did my 100 burpees in 12 minutes and 48 seconds.

… I didn’t die!


Usually after high intensity fitness I don’t like eating right away. And since I didn’t wake up super early by the time I sweated and showered it was 10am. I thought I’d skip breakfast since I wasn’t hungry and load up on bbq at lunchtime!!!

I drank this SoBe Life Water at work.

Holy Death by Burpees!

I don’t really like them too much so as I sipped at it I added water to tone it down. So much better.

I broke down in hunger and ate a granola bar. Crazy hunger struck at 11:05.


Holy Death by Burpees!

I also had a huge glass of water post run and I drank a mug of green tea.

A happy tummy means a happy Friday.


Tell me about you!!! I want to know…

What exercise do you absolutely hate?


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