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Holiday Blues: 5 Positive Things About Being Single for the Holidays

By Shauntee @shaunteebattie
Holiday Blues: 5 Positive Things About Being Single for the Holidays

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Last week in my Thanksgiving post, I mentioned that some people suffer from the holiday blues and have a hard time accepting their single status. Today, I would like to shed light about being single and how I turn what some people perceive as a negative situation into a positive. When I think of things that may be perceived as negative, I like to change my way of thinking to turn things around to a more positive tone. I’ve read articles that make suggestions like don’t attend holiday parties and don’t decorate your home. To me, that’s like saying you can’t celebrate because you’re single; which is dumb in my opinion. Why shouldn’t I celebrate? Why shouldn’t my home look festive? (can’t think of a logical answer). It’s really all in the mind and how you choose to look at any situation. You would be amazed at how changing your way of thinking gives you a whole new meaning to the word single. So, when I think about being single and the holiday blues, I can think of 5 positive things about being single for the holidays.

I can flirt shamelessly at Holiday Parties

I love a good holiday party and I especially love them when I’m single. I can dance with who I want, flirt with who I want, and kiss multiple people under the mistletoe if I desire. I can bat my eyelashes, show off a sexy smile, and drink several apple martinis without being under the watchful eye of someone. I don’t have to worry about being tied down and I can have a dirty Santa, a secret Santa, and every other Santa in the room if I want.

I don’t have to go to my partner’s family holiday gathering

Let’s face it, there is always one person in your partner’s family that rubs you the wrong way. Whether it’s a cousin, a sister, or dear ole momma herself, sometimes we just don’t want to hang with their family. Unfortunately, when we’re attached we have no choice if we want to keep the peace and not be seen as an anti-social deviant. I don’t have to eat Aunt Gertrude’s sweet potato delight loaded with enough brown sugar to give me a diabetic attack and I don’t have hear Uncle Rufus sing his version of the 12 days of Christmas while working on his 12th round of Cognac. And let’s not get into the work it takes if your entertaining in your home this year.

Who doesn’t want to save money?

Being single means no gifts that I have to purchase for my significant other or their family. I don’t have to pretend like I want to spend money on their family members; especially when they don’t buy me anything in return. I don’t have to worry about family members calling me shouting out a list a mile long because they just know that since I’m the girlfriend, I’m just oh so eager to impress them and lavish them with gifts.

It’s all about me, me, and me

I can take this time to do whatever the hell I want. I can go ice skating, view all the beautifully decorated window displays, and watch all the sappy Lifetime Christmas movies I want. I don’t have to worry about whether someone wants to do these things with me or not. It’s my world and I live in it! I can go out and treat myself to something nice and something that makes me feel and look good. My motto has always been if you treat yourself well and others will follow.

I can set new goals for myself

Every year I set positive goals for myself. Although being in a relationship should not hinder anyone from achieving their goals, you do have to consider how certain things will affect your partner. In reality, we often set goals for ourselves and when we meet someone and it gets serious, we forget about self sometimes. Sometimes we’re so busy wrapped up in our partner that we forget to be wrapped up in ourselves. At the beginning of each year, I set specific goals for myself, if I meet someone new that’s fine, if I don’t that’s fine as well. We all know that the universe doesn’t always operate on our timing.


If you’re single, how do you handle the holiday blues?


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